Friday, October 31, 2008

Mourinho: "A team performance"

FLORENCE - José Mourinho spoke on Sky Sport Italia after his team's 0-0 draw against Fiorentina.
"This was a very difficult match and neither of the two teams risked too much," admitted the Portuguese coach. "They played with 4-4-2 and were very compact in midfield. We tried to change the equilibrium in midfield and we had three good chances to score with Mancini, Ibra and Crespo. And they had one good chance as well.
"It was a match without goals but it was a true league match. It's not easy to win here. With so many matches close together I have nothing to blame my players for and I'm happy with tonight's performance.
"We haven't won our last two matches, but we haven't lost. We have faced two very organised teams. Two teams with great players and two very competent coaches.
"Genoa deserve credit for how they played against us, and so do Fiorentina who, and let's not forget, are a team in the Champions League. Prandelli's team are a very hard side to face.
"I'm obviously not satisfied with the draw tonight because I always want to win, but I return to Milan without anything to criticise my players for."
Wednesday's draw in Florence leaves the Nerazzurri in fourth spot after nine rounds of matches. "If there's a cup for autumn champions, we have lost it," continued Mourinho," but if there's a cup for who wins the Scudetto in May, then we have a great chance of winning it. I can't predict the future so I can't say we will be champions, but I have faith in my team and the work we are doing.
"The statistics aren't important. I haven't been able to field the same team for two or three consecutive games since the start of the season. If the team doesn't win, the responsibility is mine alone, but I go home a happy man because my team played a tough match with the maximum effort, and they played like a team."
Mourinho commented on the performances of Quaresma and Maxwell, adding: "I think Quaresma should be rated for what he has done since he arrived in Italy, not for the ten minutes he played tonight. I have known him for four or five years. I know what he can do and he will do it. I'm sure of this. He's not playing very well at the moment, so the criticism is fair.
"I'm very happy with Maxwell's return. It was extremely positive. He played ninety minutes at a high level."

i am quite not happy with the result of this inter match but then it is still early in the season and i am fully aware that inter have the full capabilities to get up and on the running to rule Serie A again.Inter have not lost a number of points and surely will make up of this drawback for sure.Mourinho still have work to do and with a number of players still recover from injuries , Inter will dominate after this.FORZA INTER

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