Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pre game Inter from Mourinho ahead of tonight match against Genoa

APPIANO GENTILE - Caution will be key in tomorrow's Serie A match against Genoa, according to Inter boss José Mourinho.
"We have to respect our opponents. They play well, they have excellent players, a good coach in Gasperini, and I don't think they will change system, so it will be a difficult match," he said during Saturday's press briefing. "Inter might have more ball possession and more scoring chances, but we'll also have to defend well because Genoa will take advantage of every chance."
With Esteban Cambiasso out injured Mourinho will have to shuffle the pack for Sunday's match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, but the Inter coach isn't worried. "We can replace him and keep the same structure and play with just two midfielders, like in the second half of the match against Anorthosis," Mourinho said. "We won't be able to count on Cambiasso, Vieira and Jimenez but we will still find the right solution for the midfield."
Brazilian full-back Maxwell is back among the call-ups but Mourinho preferred not to reveal any details about his starting lineup except for a change between the posts. "I don't think you can expect any surprises. We have a lot of quality players who have the faith of the coach. This is why Obinna played against Roma and Toldo against Anorthosis. I'm not telling you who will play tomorrow, but I can tell you that Julio Cesar will return in goal in place of Toldo, who did well in the Champions League."
One of the main topics of today's press conference was the relationship between Mourinho and Adriano. "I have known Adriano for a long time," he said. "He's a player I have always liked and I asked myself why he wasn't playing for Inter. I understood why when I arrived here and I tried to help him. I'm not his father, but a coach who wants to give him a second chance. I talk to him in the same way I talk to the others, without wanting to control him. Controlling is impossible, but educating is possible. The coach of today has to work with the minds of the players, understand their personalities, get to know them and create a positive relationship. With Adriano I have a relationship of mutual esteem, but this doesn't mean his work has ended. I still want more from him."
Inter continue to win at home, but attendances have dropped compared to previous seasons. "If the stadium was always full in past years and it's empty this year, it would be easy to say that it's Mourinho's fault," explained the coach. "But if it's a culture thing, it's hard to explain. Economically these aren't easy times, it's probably not easy to buy tickets for league and cup matches, and our fans probably think the job has already been done in the Champions League, and are waiting for a top-level team to fill the stadium in the round of sixteen or the quarter-finals.
"Perhaps they think we can win against Anorthosis or Panathinaikos without their support. Maybe it's a togetherness of all these factors, but I can't explain it. My job is to prepare the team and deliver the results that are certainly an incentive for the fans. We try to play nice football with a positive attitude. The Inter fans will never see a defensive Inter at San Siro. This is not what I want for the fans. We do our work and wait."

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