Sunday, October 19, 2008

Redsox did it again

I just got back from work and opened my pc.I surfed and did not surprise when saw the result of the game.The Redsox had beaten The Rays by 4-2 and force game 7.John lester will be against Garza.Well Redsox had done not one but twice so maybe the third the ladyluck will be on their side once again.If the Redsox win game 7 they will be up against Phillies who beaten the Dodgers.Honestly i would like to see the Rays get into the World Series but who can deny the ability of Redsox? They are the most supported and have the most loyal and hardcore fan flock the fenway park every game for what 4 years? So in game 7 the chances for Redsox are there but you definitely can not deny Rays.So far they defy all odds.Even the mighty Yankees fall to them in the regular season but Yankees not what they used to be.All the glory of the past seem to haunt them down season after season.
“We’ve been in there before, and we know what it takes to win games,” Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz said. “It’s not easy. It’s not like we like to be in the situation. But I guess that’s the way destiny has been the past few years.”Yes..Red Sox have been like this before and even harder.They seem to grow stronger in stress condition.Game 7 will be a thrilling and historic at least.At stake Sunday night is another shot, another opportunity for the Red Sox to taste redemption, another chance for the Rays to close the series, another occasion for lucky fans to tune in and, hopefully, see a baseball game – a baseball game, hopefully, for the ages

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