Monday, November 10, 2008

Choices - hard and compelling

Everyday, people need to make choices.Life evolve around choices that we make.Whether we eat or not.Whether we sleep or not.Some choices involve a very risky decision that cost money,life and time.Doctor for example, they make choices everyday around their patients.Their choices based on experiences and knowledge about the medicine,disease and so much more.Sometimes their choices lead to death but then they had to do it.Sometimes their choices bring joy and happiness to others.i really glad that i choose not to take medicine but back then what choices do i have?Choices come along with prediction and what we have now.Way back my choices are limited.My condition does not seem to lead me toward medicine.But hey, i happy right now with what i got.
Now, my dilemma is to further studies or work.if i continue i need another 3 or 4 years of fighting with books and student's life.If i work i can experience a new way of life.i can earn my own money but then with my qualifications right now i feel i need to further more.What a confusing choices to make.This choices will determine the man that i will become in the future.So for now i just focusing for what i have and let time predict the choices for me to undertake.
Let us now go to choices that is less risky.Shopping for example involve choices.Shopping is about choices actually.Whether you choose to buy expensive item or cheap ones.You want a branded watch or just a fake one.You want an expensive yet good quality shirt or just a cheap and not so good jeans.The choices that we make sometime make us regret at the end of the day but as the day goes by, we will moved on and accepting that.Choices need acceptance.Without it, we make them a ghost, always haunted our life.

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