Friday, November 28, 2008

Half glass full of winning

The Serie A is entering half way through and the leader of the table is still Inter Milan. With all the prediction in the summer, Mourinho sits atop of the table with 3 points ahead of AC Milan.S o far, Inter had been consistent in the field although there are some doubt if Mourinho had lost his winning touch. But looking back from the start of the season where Inter had many injuries and some players still adapt with new tactics and approach that he brought to this team I say that he had done pretty good job if not excellent in keeping up with all the hype of the Champions of Italy. Inter still had not found their true best form while competing in Europe which is something that been bothering them for years. Moratti pay a big load of cash in bringing money and player with a great coach yet they still lack of silverware in champions league so what is wrong with this?
In the summer Moratti sacked Mancini who had delivered 3 Serie A titles in a row and hired Mourinho in a sole purpose, Champions League.Inter know they are the force that can not be beaten in Italy with Juventus still building after the scandal and AC Milan with their old team. Inter wanted to a force in Europe. They want to be the best, the class of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United. But looking at this season with draws with team from Greece and lose to Panathinaikos , Mourinho has a lot work to do especially in bringing out the best from the star studded squad. Inter does not lack of quality.They have a combination of experience, flair, agility, technique and youth. Their midfield and attackers can be rated among the best in Europe and their have a formidable back four and quality keeper in Julio Cesar. So what is that the missing piece?
In my opinion it is the determination. Yes, we had seen Inter comeback in Serie A but in Europe they does not show this. They should have score a load of goals in Greece but they seem to just firing half of the cylinders. They play with good tactics on the paper but then fail to deliver in the field. Maybe Mourinho need to reflect on his tactic or maybe just give a little more time with the regulars. Still, it is only half way through and all the players just come back from injuries such as cordoba, figo and Samuel. In December and January we shall see a more confident side in inter. i believe in this.Yes, inter does not play attractive attacking football like Barcelona or Arsenal but then at the end of the day all it matters is the 3 points. Inter are more patient team. They lured the opponent onto them and the tries long pass and made use of target men in Zlatan and Adriano. If Mancini and Quaresma can find the form just like last season, the Mourinho’ supposed tactic will bear the fruit. These 2 players are good winger. They just do not find their rhythm yet and they will find it in due time.
I’m looking forward to this weekend match and Inter will extend their lead at the top of table before entering the cold month of December. Mourinho had urged the players to show more anger on the field this weekend after a lost at home in the Champion League. We can catch all Serie A matches on Astro Supersport channel 811.Another late night for me in watching these games but it’s worth it. I hope.

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