Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mourinho press Conference on Champion League

NICOSIA (CYPRUS) - José Mourinho briefed the Italian and Cypriot press in Nicosia ahead of Tuesday's Champions League Matchday 4 clash against Anorthosis Famagusta.
He said: "We know that we'll be through if we win tomorrow, and this is our first objective. The Champions League is a risky competition. You have to be careful not to slip up or make things complicated for yourself. But we know what to do. Our goal is first place.
"We face a tough opponent who prepared very well for the first match and created problems for us. So we're not expecting it to be an easy game. Anorthosis have won every game in front of their fans. They have beaten strong opponents so they will try to create problems for us too, but our goal is to win and we always go on the pitch to win."
Mourinho's 4-2-4 formation and tactics in Saturday's match against Reggio Calabria raised a few eyebrows in the Italian press. "I know that for many of you critics I should have inserted some defenders after Patrick Vieira's second goal," explained the coach, "but this isn't my football and, as I have already said many times, Italy won't change me, so I preferred to continue with a very offensive formation and this is why we won the match in the end."
The Inter coach also commented on the form of several players. On Ibrahimovic, he said: "I don't understand why everybody worries about Ibra's condition. Physically and psychologically Zlatan is a strong player who is very extremely well for the team. He played splendidly in Reggio Calabria and was involved in all the moves. I'm sure that if I put him on the bench one day, all the critics would be ready to underline my mistake. But I don't choose according to what the critics say, so if a player is in form, like Zlatan is, he plays."
On Julio Cruz: "Julio is with us and he'll go on the bench. It's important for the team to have a player of his quality and experience."
On Adriano: "I think that Adriano will get more playing time if he wants to, like he did before when he did very well. He's not with us for this match but there are two more Champions League games and I'm convinced he'll be with us if he wants to."
On Quaresma: "I wasn't worried before when he had a few negative games, and I'm not worried now after his positive performance in Reggio Calabria. I have known him for a long time, he has enormous potential."
On Mancini: "He's already an 'Italian' player because he's been playing in Italy for many years, but he has changed team and style of play so he needs a period of adaptation. He has played some excellent games, and even when he hasn't played that well he has still been important and decisive, like he was in Florence."

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