Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shivering cold to the spine.

Raining and raining. It’s been raining heavily here in the coast and some people predict that this years it’s going to be another big flood after last big flood in the year 2004.Well, looking at the current air and water level, it will be no surprise. Rain or not life must keep going.
You had made a mistake. I know it’s a mistake. it is a mistake.
But there are certain things in life where you know it's a mistake, but you don't really know it's a mistake, because the only way to really know it's a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back and say," Yep, that was a mistake."So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake because then you'd go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not
And, damn it, I've made mistakes, my life, university, break-up, money but then I realize that there is no use in whining and regretting for the entire mistake that I’d done. My life is sweet even it taste sour with all the mistake because if my life is mistake free I will never be the man that I am right now and for sure I will not be able to see, love the people who is loving me right now. So, I love my mistake because of that I found my love and my life and create the person that is able to learn the value of life, friendship and love.
Give me the coffee, please?
It’s been 2 months already since I worked as a part timer in a coffee let say factory but actually not a factory like others see it but I can say that a small coffee factory to be precise. Coming December, I might quit the job in the middle of the month. At first, I found the job was a little bit tiring and exhausted but then after nearly two months working there I felt I had cope well with the workload and recently because of the raining season, the workload seem to be decrease as the order from the people who like to drink the instant coffee are not as much as it was before. It’d been a wonderful experience working there not just filling up holidays and earn some extra cash but I learn a lot about life and business. The business of selling coffee is quite daunting but worth every minutes of it. As I talked and listened to the elders there, the hardest part in this business is the first step. After that, you surely will enjoy. Like other businesses, you need to have strong determination and hardworking so that your business will become a success. Coffee, sometimes we might call it a small thing but to other people it meant a world to them.
Gomo Kelate Gomo.
As I read newspaper a couple of days ago, I came upon reading in Sports section that Kelantan team will enter Super league in the upcoming season. This is huge news for all the football fanatics in Kelantan. With all the hype and stars signing in the post season, this new is the icing on the cake for Kelantan. The squad is ready to face the elite team in the Super league and Kelantan will no longer be branded second rate team. All over Malaysia, Kelantan have huge supporters and we only lack in silverware. Every game played in Stadium Sultan Muhammad Ke IV attracted big crowd and surely next year the crowd will flock the home ground for showing the never lasting support to Kelantan.With names like Khalid Jamlus,once a feared striker in Malaysia and Indra Putra the lethal winger.Kelantan will be hoping to put a serious challenge in the Super league not just as a team to fill up the league number.


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