Friday, November 7, 2008

Wet yet peaceful

Month of November.To the people of east coast(Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang), this is the month when monsoon season come.The season promise to bring rain,rain and rain.To us, we had been used to this season.For some,this month might bring extra money to the pocket.But to some people they wished to avoid this rainy month.But whatever happen, one thing for sure that rain will definitely pour.
Monsoon season bring in wet condition.The road will be slippery so all the drivers need to be very alert to the condition when driving.Workers need to prepare umbrella when going to work.Children will be happy as they can play with water but guardians need to keep an eye on them especially with the school holiday is just around the corner.This time around all people are on their sit.JPS, arm forces, Rescue team will always be on the extra alert to keep monitoring on the water level in the river.They will foreseen and take any precaution if flood come.
For me,rainy season is special.Not because the temperature is cool and we can sleep more but rainy season bring peaceful and togetherness.When rain come, to the Astro subscribers, we will have some difficulties to watch television and teenagers feel reluctant to go outside the house.This bring the family together under one roof.In the fast world today, some families even found a little time to get together with family members because of work commitment and others.So in this rainy season maybe we could embrace the bond of togetherness with our families.After all, rain does not always bring disaster, it bring new life to the mother earth.
Rainy season also can make football fan stay at home and watch the game with their families,if they can watch ; )

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  1. not 2 forget....
    johor 2...
    they were also got caught in da flood...


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