Friday, December 19, 2008

A boy named Monkey D Luffy

One Piece is the one of the best manga I had ever read.I had been followed this manga since secondary school and it seem after 5,6 years I still stick with it as the manga become more interesting as time pass by. What I like the most about this manga is because it contain a lot of humor and value of friendship. This manga can be a perfect tools to get relax.I bet you will smile and laugh after you read this manga. I hope this manga will bring even more exciting pirate adventure in the future.And to dedicate my affection to this manga, I put OnePiece template for my blog. I would like to suggest to all manga followers who still do not read this manga, please, you all must have this manga collection.
This manga involve around a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, inspired by his childhood hero "Red-Haired" Shanks, sets out on a journey to find the legendary One Piece, to become the new Pirate King. To accomplish this, he must reach the end of the most deadly and dangerous ocean: The Grand Line. Luffy captains the Straw Hat Pirates first through the sea of East Blue and then through the Grand Line. He follows the path of the deceased Pirate King, Gold Roger, from island to island on his way to the great treasure One Piece. On his way his crew grows to have a swordsman, a navigator, a sniper, a cook, a doctor, an archaeologist, a shipwright, and a musician.
During the course of the story, the crew contends with both other less moral pirate crews and the Navy. The latter are the subordinates of the World Government, who apparently seek justice by ending the Golden Age of Pirates. Many background story elements involve the delicate balance of power between the World Government and the world's most powerful pirate crews.
To this date, Luffy in on the journey to set free his brother Ace from the Navy prison and this adventure will surely bring a lot of fight as the war between whitebeard pirate and world government is set to burst anytime soon. I can not wait to download the latest one Piece manga.

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