Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Morning wandering

This morning I just happen to pick up my mother’s cpu at KB Mall. Until this day I still do not know why this entire IT expert had to charge up to RM50 just for formatting. It’s quite expensive right but then us as the consumer got no choice just to pay them. I went at about 11 am and I found walking in KB Mall in the morning in weekdays quite a fun as there are not many people around. Although this time around is a holiday but still you can see only a few people shopping there and that in KB Mall not to say in other supermarket. What I like in KB Mall is that they set up this IT Zone in Level 3 where all the IT shop is located here. This creates an interesting environment as the competition for IT goods and service is up and brings benefits for the customer. The price for IT goods here not so expensive and some people might say that they want to copycat the Plaza Low Yatt. I guess they are right at some point. People in Kelantan especially in Kota Bharu are now IT literate and they know what the best is for them. I say this as I can see that the crowd that visit IT zone here come from various background and ages and never stop. In this globalization era, customer and people in IT business should co-operate so that all parties can gain benefits from it. What harm can it bring if IT entrepreneur lower their prices to be more competitive right? Besides if they can give good prices, people will always buy from them and build a nice rapport in the community.
I also take some time to wonder in the mall just to feel the year end sale that is going right now until January. People take this holiday as an opportunity to buy clothes for their children especially for the schools. The back to school sale always brings profits to the seller as education is very important. New Year just a fortnight away and surely all parents are busy buying preparation for their children. By the end of this month, we will expect the entire mall will be crowded with children and their parents. It is an enjoyable sight actually seeing them trying and choosing clothes. It brings back old memories. What a memorable and fun experience we have in school.

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