Sunday, December 28, 2008

Start of the end

I finally come to UDM after three whole month’s holiday at home. It’s good to get back and return to campus again. This is my last semester here and I will finally be able to finish my diploma. After hard work struggling coping with books and lectures at the end of June next year I hope I will be able to get my scroll. Looking back at three years in Terengganu it was a memorable experience and I learned a lot here. Now I need to push every ounce of energy left for this last semester and complete all the work that I had done. All my friends here in TESL course and lecturers had helped a lot in the journey to pursuit success and with that I thanked them from the deep of my heart.

The year 2008 is also coming to end and this year had been a wonderful one to me. Love, friendship, happiness, sadness, all I had encountered. I felt that the time pass me by so swiftly and I did not regret anything for this past year and hope to achieve more for the year 2009.Hopefully next year will bring so much more to me and will help me to become a better man than I used to be right now. So here are the list of the most memorable moment for the year 2008.Some things I felt I should had done better and some things I felt I had done over the limit that I set. What ever it is the year 2008 bringing a lot to me personally and the year 2009 to come promise to bring something bigger and better.

1. Love. I had great time this whole year. A memorable moment together and my love just keep growing day after day. May this love last forever.

2. Teaching Practicum at Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Air. It was a memorably and fun experience teaching at that school and I thanked to all the students, teachers and staff for guiding me while I was there.

3. Dark Knight and Iron Man. For me these two movies are the best this year and they fulfill the promise they kept before the launch. I’m sure all comic fans won’t be too disappointed with these movies.

4. Pakatan Rakyat won 5 state. It was a shock to the whole nation when pakatan rakyat brushed aside BN and took control P.Pinang, Perak, Kedah, Selangor and still retained Kelantan.

5. Working at Seri MH Ummi. I worked as an operator here at the coffee department and I’m glad that I was able to experience and learned many new things there. Hopefully I can go there in the future.

6. Guess. I finally be able to send my wristwatch to the service center. That watch mean a lot to me and hopefully I can wear it again next year.

7. Inter Milan hired Jose Mourinho in the summer. The special one finally set his foot on Serie A and ready to take Inter to the next level that is Champion League. Inter will bear its fang on Europe turf with his guidance. Forza Inter.

8. LA Lakers entered the NBA final. Lakers finally got into the final and pit against the Boston Celtics. Both team deserve to be there and unfortunately Lakers lost to the Boston in 6 games but the Kobe Byrant won the MVP so there was still something to cheer on.

9. Spain won Euro cup. Spain finally put aside their curse on international level and proves that they have the quality to be reckoned with on international football surface.

10. Flying. It’s been a long time since I took a plane and to fly again it was a fun one. I will always remember the feeling flying with airasia and hope to get another next time around.

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  1. haloo.....
    lots of memories huh last year....
    hope dat u can get ur scroll....
    n dat u'll happily ever aftr wif my dearie fren....
    also dat u can get n achieve what u want in ur life....


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