Monday, January 26, 2009

The best way to solve is by balancing

As i going through the project paper this morning.i found a lot of interesting issues involving second language learning and the translation method that had been used for decades by the English teacher in this country. Some might said that we need to use English only in our class in order for the students to learn the English better but for the others what the points of using English if the students can not understand even a single word.So that's is when the translation method came in and yes the drawback from this is the negative transfer as students might use their first language rules into the second language whereas there are a lot of differences in term of pronunciation,semantics, pragmatics.
In the context of practicum teacher who went to the school to link their theory of teaching into practice of the classroom caught in between with this issues. i also caught in these last year as my school is in the sub rural area where the socio background of the students really affecting the students ability and strategies toward learning the second language.yes, many factors contribute toward better understanding the second language acquisition by the children especially in the primary school and trainee teachers feel an enormous burden been put onto them by the institutions and the schools.Some approach have to be done to solve this for future improvement of our teacher educations.
Back to the second language usage in the teaching of the classroom.Some balance method had to been taken as we can not deny the fact that the first language plays a very important role in the students understanding the second language.Teacher can use translation but only if he or she know how and what degree to use it.teacher had been the vital point in discussing this matter as teacher is view as the play maker in the students achievement but the truth is teachers should only be the facilitators and it's up to the students themselves to discover their true potential.teacher is only the small pieces toward understanding what is the best way to make the students learn the second language better.Learning strategies,background, feeling, infrastructure, national policy, intrinsic motivations to name just a few are the pieces that brough together that may some how play bigger or lesser role in the second language learner process of absorbing the target language which in our country, English.
Yup,there you have it some of my view on this matter. For detail you can ask me some of the journal that i get from the Asian journal of ELT. Some exciting and pulsating issues they wrote and one and another might be affecting us. i got all this while doing my paperwork and had done a few pages.Does not know is it enough?narrow?wide? But glad to finally write them.Need to read a lot more.Reading more means writing more.--->this is negative transfer and it should be write like this ---->More Reading means more writing.some examples on negative transfer to those who still blur on that.Peace Out Hombre

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