Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year Holiday

Just got back from KT this evening.What a day..the road was busy with people rushing to get back to their village, children will be having their holiday.Normally i only took 2 hours but today nearly 3 hours.but it's not like i'm whining or complaining, it's all just a part of life.I accept whatever it is as long as at the end i got home.
Supposedly i'm going to have a trip to Gunung Stong next week but some unseen matter occur and the trip had to postpone until the date that yet to be confirm.A little bit disappointed but just take the positive and got the whole week to write the literature review and the meeting dialog.My friends will be back and can catch some stories with them the upcoming week.
What goes around the world right now?Israel had moved from Gaza.Obama had swore to become the President of United States and the best of all, Inter Milan beat AS Roma at home last night in the Coppa Italia with Adriano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic got on the score sheet. I really miss watching Inter playing and this weekend i will make sure i will watch them play.
Okay not much to say this time around wait for the next post.still tired of driving.Hopefully can post another one next morning or at night.See you all around.

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