Monday, January 26, 2009

Hard Won

Inter Milan won last night match against Sampdoria. The match was played in the morning around 5 am i guess.The only goal for that game was scored by Adriano and according to the Inter Milan official website the match was largely controlled by Inter in the first half and in the second half Jose Mourinho got send off by the referee.nevertheless, inter won and collected three points to keep the gap between the chasing pack especially Juventus and Ac Milan.

The interview with Mourinho for the post match last night.taken from

José Mourinho commented on his team's victory over Sampdoria in a post-match interview with Sky Sport Italia. "It was a hard match but we deserved to win it and I liked how we won, with some unlucky chances and with a referee that I prefer not to judge because otherwise I would have to comment on the decisions made at other grounds yesterday and this afternoon," he said.
Mourinho explained the episode that led to his sending-off by referee Domenico Celi after a challenge by Stankovic on Franceschini. "I was sent off because I told the referee that he was frightened," he said. "There were a lot of yellow cards, and six minutes of added time in the second half. Inter were in difficulty and this is the only reason that justifies so many minutes of added time. I don't think there would have been so many if Sampdoria had equalised before the ninetieth minute. I think Celi was under pressure.
"After everything that happened yesterday and today, the last match of the weekend was ours, a team that won against Roma with a goal that was offside by ten centimetres that was talked about a lot, but if you judge the decisions made yesterday and this afternoon... I prefer to say nothing, just that the referee tonight did not have experience and was frightened of someone. I was sent off when Stankovic made a completely regular tackle, but if this is worth a red card... okay. (Smiles) But he was the first referee to send me off in Italy, so I will never forget him. What's his name?"
On the reaction of his players to all the press rumours in the days leading up to tonight's match, Mourinho said: "The team was exemplary from a mental point of view. They fought and gave the right reply to the problems that have come out this week. They did very well."


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