Monday, January 12, 2009

Long awaited

i finally got the chance to write here after been left out cold. i got some internet connectivity problem with my laptop and I had not been able to surf the internet. Now, I really got so much to write and talk about.
Firstly, about the world of football. The January transfer window had been opened for about 2 weeks now and Wayne Bridge so far had become the highest signing fee as he had been sold to Manchester City by Chelsea. We will be looking to more exciting transfer news as the time goes by before the end of this month as the top football club in Europe will be looking to strengthen their squad in short term move to achieve and amend their places in each leagues. However, because of the credit crunch of the global economic, we shall not been expecting some extravagant signing of fees like the old days and some club had already plan a new year to recover from this mess.
The Weather. It’s been a heck of month already in the East Coast of Malaysia especially in Terengganu and Kelantan.Raining with strong wind and the second wave of flood had hit some of the places in Kelantan.
The Gaza conflict.This is a never ending story between the palestines and Israelis. The Cruel jew Zionis had been bombard the gaza land killing women and children just to look for the Hamas.All over the world the people are protesting and set up and boycott to the US and Israel.
So, i guess thats it for now.i will be doing my best to write again on this page and hopefully with more exciting stories that involve all of us.Bye.

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