Friday, January 16, 2009

Professionally perfect

The last 2 days the news of world football is around the bid by Manchester City to AC Milan to lure Kaka by staggering 157 million dollar.Wheww, what a bid. Manchester City owned by Oil Tycoon from Dubai is reported fly to Milan to talk about the bid and the latest new is that AC Milan accepted the bid and it is now up to Kaka himself whether to accept the bid or not. If Kaka accepts the chance to play in England, he will become the most expensive player ever on the face of the earth. The most expensive transfer record up until now is held by Zidane when Real Madrid bought him from Juventus for estimated 67 Million dollar. Kaka will be given a 500,000 dollar per week as a salary.Can you imagine that? Half a million a week as a footballer. The world had gone really mad.You get to be a billionaire just by playing football.Imagine this, if AC Milan accepted the bid, they can buy 2 and half player in the price of Zidane.The population of Malaysia is 25 million and if the money were given to all the people here, each one will get 5 dollar. i think everyone get the idea of how much really the bid represent.In my opinion, Kaka should not accept that offer.Yes, Premier League is better than Serie A but then Manchester City is not the same level as AC Milan.Although i dislike AC Milan but for the spirit of football fan, i would love to see Kaka stays at AC Milan.

Now we are entering the middle of January and there are a lot of work to be done. The most talk about for the past week was filling up the UPU form.It seem everybody got out of hand.This happen because students did not have enough information about the universities and the procedures.Little by little, everyone get confused what courses they going to take and which universities to enter. Luckily, there are some expert lend their hand to help rectify this matter and hopefully before 5 February, all works regarding this problem will be solve perfectly.For me, all university are good and it is up to the student to make the choice.The definition of best university is subjective.Some people might say this and this.And other might say this and this.It is the students that make a university a great one not the other around.

As i drove back last Wednesday, it crossed my mind that in just 3 months from now i will finally end my studies at UDM and it had been 3 years already i managed to live in Kuala Terengganu.Looking back at the past it all seem just like yesterday i went there. All the memories that i encountered will always be a sweet one. Time pass by so swiftly nowadays and in a blink of an eye you might miss and regret something.This afternoon i will drive again to UDM and will surely grab all the chance to cement the memories in heart and mind before the day for me to leave UDM come.

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