Thursday, January 15, 2009

= ( Sadly happy = )

It's quite an ironic phrase the title above right but then it is true in some point of our life.I am sure all of us will come to some certain time in their beautiful life will encounter this type of situations.Let me explain what i really mean by this.To get a clearer view on this why don't i give an example.Imagine a situation where you own a handbag.You really love this handbag and it had been with you for quite some time.Suddenly, after window shopping at town, you lost your handbag after it fell down into the cried and cried all night just thinking of that particular handbag.The next day, to your surprise, your beloved boyfriend bought you a nice expensive handbag, ermmm, Guess, to say a brand of well known handbag. You had seen that handbag before and deep down in your heart you wished you can afford to buy and now you finally own it.Right now I'm pretty sure you will be extremely happy and looking back the last night where you had been crying alone in your bedroom you wish you can trade those tears of sadness to these tears of happiness.So, that's what i meant by sadly happy. you sad because you had lost something but then happy because if you don't lost it you might not get the happiness you get.Do you get?Haahahha.Quite confusing but the basic theory is always be thankful.God always have something for all of us.
I had some rough time in the past and from that i had learned a lot.In the past i regret many things and now chance had showed me the true meaning of life.I would not even tried to trade anything right now in the past for the present as i know the past makes me the person i am right now.

So what if i had quit UTP..there are many other universities i still can enter and right now i ended up greatly in UDM.

So what if my cars crashed.. i can own a motorcycle which will be more practical, fuel saving and cost effective and above all nature friendly.

So what if i failed some subjects..i still can repeat that subjects and maybe can get better result in the end.

So what if i can not get government job..Business, agriculture still have a lot to offer.Bill gates does not work for government and now he is the richest man on earth.
So what if someone died..thank to god as he or she will get better life in the world hereafter.

So, i think you get the idea right.All we need in this life is positive thinking.there always a might not smooth but still can get where you want to be.never regret a thing.the future promise to bring better things.


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  2. this one is nicely put, good for you.

    hope you'll get whatever you wanted in life, with that kind of attitude. this world only evolves around you alone, after all. so why bother thinking about everyone else. screw everone else who blamed you, or looked down on you.they knew nothing about your life, and all the obstacles and hardships that u've encountered. not to mention other wrongs that u've done to people. broken promises and all that.

    cheers! live ur life self-centeredly..only that way u'll achieve ur needs and wants.


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