Sunday, January 25, 2009

What and Why

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year.Today, Kb was full with people.People grabbed the last chance to shop.I like holiday as my friends got back home and can catch latest stories with them. Most of mine now get ready to settle down and start planning for marriage.happy for them.Me? Don't yet but hopefully quick.hahaha.Insyaallah.
i like to write about something simple and definitely involve all of us.Our own action. For me, our daily and routine life involve around two simple question that are what and why.These two is the basic one before we go on to when,how and so on.In our mind we surely ask what am i doing next?and why I'm doing that?The best life is not to think how and what quickly after these 2 question as we will regret but then if we step back we will find that if we truly answer what and why before we take any action we will not regret a single thing.Quite confusing right but that's how our mind work.These 2 simple question change a world in a blink of an eye.Just as simple as that.Next time you want to do something think deeply yet smoothly the answer for this two; what and why.
Stuck in writing literature review.Afraid of being to narrow and being too wide.Definitely need to finish before Wednesday.Got to sit down and read a lot and need strong will and focus mind to work on this.Hopefully get to write at least 2 page before going back.


  1. said like to write things that are simple and connected to daily live?kat bawah ni mcm xbrape connected je ngan daily life pmpuan...ish
    p/s:berusahalah untuk!

  2. sabo jela..nxt,mybe ur tUrn 2 thiNk abOut married..huhuhu..

  3. huhuhu....
    stju2 dgn pinkylixious....
    sabo ye zanetti....


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