Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes for good

I just had my lunch and sat down to watch TV when I came across a TV program, behind the scenes and this week they put up the latest movie that is Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. Basically this movie is about a man who in the past always says No and makes excuses to everything. One day he went to a forum where he was required to say yes to whatever opportunity he will come upon in the future. After that day, his life was completely changed as he is become more open and positive. I love watching Jim Carrey’s movie and can’t wait to see this one too. I think he is so hilarious and had become an icon in the comedy genre of the Hollywood industry.
About this movie, I realize what the message they are trying to send to the audience which is always say yes to life and you will achieve greater thing with it. All we need is just to say yes and explore whatever might come when the opportunity knock our door. We might never know what the outcome if we say no all the time and we will regret that for life. We always regret the thing in the past that we did not take the risk of doing it but we seldom or never regret the thing that we said yes to. If we all think carefully and look down the past, we will see that when we say yes we can see more and better thing. If we say yes, we can go to the new place, meet new friends, encounter new experience, taste new food and so much more but if we say no, we will stuck with the old one and the routine little by little will the inner part of our mind. There is no such thing as failed in life. It is just a matter of the many ways to success. You did not fail; you just did not found the road that need to get to the desired place. Always be positive with life. I know some people might argue that it is easier to say than to do it but trust me I done that. I had tasted a lot.
Once I was this boy who always blames something instead of me. I always said no and afraid of doing that, doing this because of just a lame excuses. But then I realized I had to change that and accept fate itself. There are many more that life has to offer. I start to say yes and did not afraid to try new thing. Make new friends with exploring new place. I cast away my fear and views life in a different ways. I achieve it.I saw the light of happiness in this life. What am I talking about right? You try it for yourselves it never too late to say yes to something at somewhere with someone at sometime.
Say yes.Your mind will see a different world out there. Open your mind and heart to something new. Life taste better once you do it like that. You shall see that the word fail do not belong in your world.You only know chance.


  1. huhuhu...
    i'll say yes then...
    thanx 4 ur words....
    they help me to think more positive...

  2. i second dat sir!!!
    i'm really meant it!!
    i'll say yes..
    so.... YES sir!!!!!!!

  3. hahaha.good2..kite seme kene jd hidup nie best


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