Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flying high The Reds warrior

It's not too late to congratulate kelantan football team as they are now the top of the Super league table after demolished Pahang in Kuantan last tuesday.They won the match with 5-1.Right now kelantan leading the pack with 18 goals and surely will add some more this weekend . Many kelantan fans were very excited this year after been frozen out a long time.Now, we can cheer and show that this team has what it takes to be the best in Malaysian football league.Maybe FAM decision to ban foreign player in the league really help the local player to shine and player like Khalid jamlus and Indra Putra who once the star of Malaysian League can redeemed themselves. Kelantan, with Peter Butler the mastermind have given the fan a glimpse of hope of conquering the league and maybe the prestigious Malaysian Cup.Maybe the time is now.

What a nice sleep i had last night.Soundly like a baby after a tiring day driving in this hot season right now.The sleep really help to get the energy back and today there is new hope and new challenge to be done but first thing first surely get some breakfast and really miss home dishes.GTG to buy breakfast now.There are a few thing need to be clear out today and hopefully be able to finish them all in the nicke of time.Got some rough idea to finish out project paper but still blur and hope SV able to help to guide.anyway wanna give a try first and clear out the content based problem.The language can be edit after the content done.

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