Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proves the Ineffable

Just catch a breath after a week of hectic schedule of late stay up and lot and lots of writing. Got tired but still not enough, still got a lot more to prove but I’m not going to prove to anyone just to myself that I can do it and I can give the best that my mind and body can offer. Not complaining just expressing about the thesis paper.The progress is by far had been excellent. Really learnt a lot in the field of language and journalism. Another wee, another work to be completed.

The Milan derby is approaching. Kaka will not be fit and this could be another victory for Inter. Excited but sad as maybe I’m going to miss this one.

Another turbulence ini the country, political change in Perak.BN got to form new cabinet and the Pakatan Rakyat got to step down. A lot of talk and do not know who is right and wrong anymore. The line is getting smaller and smaller. The main issue is what you are going to stand on. The parties or Individual?. If the party is right can we choose them although the man for that position is wrong? Same goes to the other way around? The core issue also goes to the whole idea of politic. Which is the right choice? Our Religion or Our races? Is it Malay or Islam stand the most? Of course Islam right? Can we say that Malay is about Islam, not true. What if Chinese Muslim have the best personalities according to Islam, is it right for us to neglect if just because he just not Malay? Ask your heart deeply. All the races are the same the difference is their religion and Islam is the best religion. The talk about races and religion is not new issue, this one goes back even before our prophet was born, maybe in the year of Jesus, the Jew in Palestine. So this issue had been debated for centuries and the only answer is from the mind and heart that ones have full trust.

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