Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The shame and fame

This few day, the Malaysian politic took another hit after an MP in Selangor, Exco from Bukit Lanjan step down from the post as her nude picture was spread out in the internet.The MP was from the pakatan rakyat and there had been a buzz going on that this might be a dirty political trap to the Selangor government but whatever it is, all people just talk about this topic.It is like a season now where the sex scandal hit the politicians and the party they represent. Politics just a shame one but promise fame to the ones who succeed. I feel pity for the ex Mp as her woman right was violated in her own house.Some claimed that the person took the picture need to be sued and do not judge the MP as she was a victim. I'm not going to talk about the politic view as there will be another by election but in the view of human right.What have gone to our country today.some people felt they dislike someone they just misuse the IT.We need to strengthen our law in way to punish harder to these kind of people. This issue not only reflect to the victim but also we need to view further in the eyes of the children of tomorrow. They will see that the adult just play a dirty trick and why can't they do it the same. We need to recollect our lovely humanity in the world where humanity is slowly vanished.
Got back to home today and happy but a little tired.Anyway, i'm going to rest happily and clear out mind after hard work in UDM. Excited as the watch finally returned and can wear it again.Really miss this watch and hope it can a last a lifetime.Happy but quite nervous as next week Inter Milan going to battle with Man Utd in the champion league.Forza inter.


  1. waaaa..
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  2. milan..hahahah..pastu project paper..


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