Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Steps to immortality

This morning I woke up and found that the rain finally came. What a great, pleasant feeling. After maybe a month or less of hot sunny day, the rain came and the temperature became cold for a while. Really thankful for this rain and although for a while at least, it brings hope and joy to some people to relax and enjoy the morning shower.

I missed last night crucial game between Inter and Manchester United and the first thing I did in the morning was texting my friends to get the result. Unfortunately, the match ended with a null draw. Quite relieve actually as at this time there are no better team like Manchester United but then you can not simply ignore the fact the Inter Milan, the champion of Italy is also has a run of good form right now. Both teams will meet again in fortnight time to settle the score at the theater of dream, Old Trafford. Inter will go to that match with high spirit and if they can get the away goal that will surely make the match more interesting and will kill the Red Devil journey in Europe. Hopefully, Jose Mourinho’s player can give their fullest to that match.

I finally start the conclusion part of my group project paper. This part will be one of the most important parts for the paper and need to concentrate a lot on this to make sure it will be clear, simple and achieve the purpose of the study. I remember doing a proposal a few back then when I had to do it all alone and in writing the conclusion I got messed up a little bit as need to do it in a period of just a day before dateline. What a silly little boy I was back then. I think I learned from mistake and hope to deliver the best for this time around.

The month that been waiting for almost a year will finally come next week. The month of March. I think in Malaysians’ mind, one thing will come when talk about March which is The UMNO General Meeting and the political swift. For the past 2 month there had been a lot of political turmoil in this country. Sometimes even the slightest mistake had been brought out big in the media eyes for the sake of publicity. We don’t know now what to believe and what not to believe. Which people need to be trust or to hate? For me, in term of the question above, the answer lies in the heart of oneself. Maybe we should look back and have faith in what principle did we stand for. Above all, our religion, Islam holds the key for our life. We can find the answer in our faith. In the end, different eyes see different views right?

Immortality is something that people had been searched for years and continue to search until the end of life. Immortality is the perfection of life. However, as I had stated before, I abhor perfection. I never wanted to be perfect and I need imperfection to have the room to mend this life. Imperfection is what makes the journey of this life a beautiful one and the world hereafter will promise the perfection. Immortality of the pride come with a cost and whether we are willing to make that is reflecting from our strength and determination. Find your own immortality as the world of perfection does not come in this world but in other world. ‘Yes’ is the new word for ‘no’.


  1. seb beki inter VS mu seri...fuuuh

  2. huhuh,inter ttp di hati gua wlpun kalah ke,seme player mati ke,kelab dibubarkan ke.die hard fan forever.Forza inter.


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