Sunday, February 22, 2009

the unpredictable

i woke up quite early today and did not know how as last night i thought i slept quite late.Anyhow, the first thing i did when i woke up was surfing as wanted to know the football result played last night.Of course Inter Milan is at the top of my head.Yes!To those criticizing Inter, they won yet again with 2-1 against Bologna with goals from Cambiasso and Balotelli. Inter went for this game as a warm up for the big game this midweek against the Red Devil and Mourinho certainlly had prepared physically and mentally for the tie of the Champion League second round this season.Anyhow, i couldnt care less whether Inter win or lose.For me win or lose is just the part of the game.Some day you win and some day you lose. But in my opinion this match will be a great game to watch and for the winner, i could not predict as both team are at their top form right now.MAybe a slight difference on that day will determine the winner for both team.I hope Inter will win and i do not fear the so called red Devil.Forza Inter

Barcelona lost last night and it seem now they had not pick the full 6 points from 2 match.They lost to the city rival, Espanyol last night and it proved even the best team in Spain right now had some Archilles heel.In contrast, Real Madrid again scored big margin last night against Real Betis and they really put heavy pressure to the Barca team.This is going to be last to the last match between these two Spanish giants.

Last night Kelantan wo again with big margin.They scored 5 goals agains PDRM in the Piala Fa.Felt quite disappointed as could not attend the game as i need to rush back to T'ganu but anyhow hope i can attend the game next time.Really miss the excitement watching Kelantan played in the Mighty Stadium Sultan Muhammad Ke-4.The wind of change blew strongly for Kelantan fan this year and hope we can finish the year with some success and long drought of silverware.

Another week and another work need to be settle.Hopefully our SV can recover from his illness and pray for god for his health. I think i need to do some conclusion with our project paper(propa).After conclusion finished i can just focussed on the language and in my opinion, the content is already there so no need to worry so much about the content just mending the language as still there were critical language error.

"The misfortune of the wise is a lot better than the prosperity of a fool"

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