Friday, March 13, 2009

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The school holiday just started.this week there will be plenty of marriage and tomorrow alone i need to attend two thursday my friends will end his bachelor life.Hope can go to his house.Need to review budget first.

Another 2 weeks there big moment will come.The transition of the political power will be announce soon and all people just can not wait what will be the change there is going to be.The mini budget that estimated around 60 billion RM is targeted to stimulus this country economy.Just wait and see what will be the effect of that or rather just another plan and talk.

Two more part need to settle before can print propa.Abstract and reference. Why these two part is slow to be completed? i tell you why.Because we are all just getting lazier each day.Yes, as simple as that.Really need to focus back on that and hopefully can finish on time to sent the first draft.Still, the language is quite horrible.Need to look for someone to help proofread this one.Anyone?

Everyone seem getting excited to go to the annual dinner at Riyaz.i have heard some girls even want to borrow some clothes from boutique.Wow.Maybe we will see many princess on that night.My advise is simple,please and i mean please do not wear too much make up.Just a simple one.Especially around the eye.You girls will make a lot of people scared you know.hahah.


  1. x men la make-up2
    pki mask trs....
    lg senang

  2. aku xpakai make up gitu..xpandai...

  3. buat kali pertamanya aku xkan pkai make up g dinner
    mmg simple bis r tahun ni mu tgk r
    xdop r baju baju butik ea
    *siyes tahap mampus*
    mu pun jgn r pkai make up.plz

  4. hahah.betul ke nie?tgk2 pakai bj pengantin sorang2 nie.women without make up is like a tree without leaves.huhhuh.takpe2 bile lagi kan nak melaram.takpe asal jangan makeup sampai mata jd mcm mata kucing sudah.


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