Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home sweet home

At last..finally been able to update this blog after missing for a while.nothing much happen actually just enjoying futsal the past 2 days and finally watched slumdog millionnaire.What a movie that was.The movie is fill with value in life, friendship,love,money,greed,power,poverty and fame.That movie fully deserve the Oscar award. I'm suggesting you all watch this movie.You will learn to value your life.
As for futsal, really happy because i'm able to organize the event.Although not big like others but still manage to arrange and fix the event so that all the tesl and BEN students meet and have fun at sportsplanet.And of course our team won the tournament.Alizee the champion.thank you to all the participant and really really sorry for all the mistake and flaw along organizing the event.
Tonight, the big match is up. Inter Milan will face Manchester United at Old Trafford.Can not wait to see that match after been missing watching a few games lately.
Propa is finally completed.Just need to check the language few more time and ready to print the first draft.Hopefully Sv will satisfy with that one and can bind it before April approach.
Another weekend at home and hopefully can relax mind and soul.Got to find some money also.
Thinking about organizing Chess competition for next few weeks.Any suggestion please drop by.


  1. futsal sangat best and we won too!!
    *polka dots, Woot*
    p/s: slumdog millionaire is awesome.can't beleive they kissed in the end. tot they're muslims?
    btw,good luck with chess,please count me out..ngehehe

  2. hahaha..udah nonton itu slumdog millionnaire....;D
    thanx 4 da futsal..
    mmg gempak habis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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