Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's finally on--Champion League Quater Final Draw

Yes.It's finally arrived.The draw of Quaterfinal and Semifinal for the UEFA Champion League.Around 7 to 8 pm last night the draw had been made in Europe and as it had promised in recent years , the pulsating and exciting draw in searching the best football in Europe this season.The draw are as follow:

  • Villareal vs Arsenal
  • Manchester United vs Porto
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea
  • Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

My predictions

Arsenal vs Villareal.

Both teams had met before and in the last encounter Arsenal who came on top and only lost the final to the Barcelona.Now, Arsenal might say tey had become stronger but ony hit by injurties and Villareal who had overhaul their squad over the years in purpose to conquer La Liga and Europe.

Arsenal welcome back Fabregas and Walcott to the first team will be gunning all out for this one as this might their only chance to win any silverware this season.Arsenal form in recents weeks had been improved greatly and hopefully they can put the best.

i say Arsenal will win bot encounter with a slightly goal margin.Villareal is a good team but in term of The Gunners, i think they don't have enough striking power to topple that.

Manchester United vs Porto

Who can forgot Porto when the Special One guide them to win the Champion League.Who can forgot how Porto make the Red Devils like the one who had lost their fangs in their own turf that year.But , that Manchester United team had gone to many revolutions since then and Fergie would love to see another European cup in his closet.

The Red Devils is aiming for 5 titles in one season and this one surely the biggest of all.While the defending champion had a recent dip of form at the hands of Liverpool, they still have world class form and it's nly a matter of time that they will win the Premier League.With loads of superstars in their squad(Rooney,Ronaldo,Berbato,Tevez) ,Porto can not help but to accept that Red Devils is the defending European Kings.

Manchester United will surely win this one and maybe will see many goals in both encounter between these two teams.

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Well,this will surely be the draw of the season.we had seen in the last round where Liverpool vs Real Madrid and what a cracking match that was in Anfield.Both teams had met numerous times for the last 5 seasons and only Benitez had stayed while Chelsea had changed their manager over and over again.Can benitez deliver yet another brilliant tactis over the Blues?

Liverpool had shown that why they are called the Reds in recent weeks with humiliating Real Madrid and Manchester United in their own turf.Torres and Gerard are very deadly in front of goals and if injury did not sidelines Torres, it will be hard for any team to crack this team.

Chelsea had shown some promising progress with Hiddink in charge.They still hurt wit last year loss and will surely get some revenge this season.With the squad finally find their old form back,it will be interesting to see how Benitez find the hole in the squad.Drogba had improved and the backup are all there now.

I say penalty kick will eventually decide who the winner from this match.Maybe a slightly goal amrgin with one goal or away goal decide the eventual winner.My mind would go for the team from Anfield.They got power,believe and based on hard work.Chelsea still mourning the loss Scolari and it's true Hiddink done a wonderful job there but Liverpool seem to be to hard for them.Liverpool to win.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

This one also promises to be great match to watch.Barcelona is the team to beat this year with Messi,Eto and Henry scored and scored many goals throughout the weeks.In the last round they buried Lyon in Nou Camp and showed the world that they can live without Ronaldinho.

Bayern Munich had gone to some major changes with Klinsmann in charge and they showed that they too can play beautiful football witha complete demolition of SportingLisbon (Ribery didn't even play in that match).The only problem is that they will be without Klose.

This match will promise many goals and the fans all over the world can not wait to see.It's been a long time since both team played together and while bayern Munich still chasing the Bundesliga,Barcelona still need to be careful in La Liga.

Barcelona to win this one with Messi,henry and Eto's payed major role in that one.Bayern still have work to do and without Klose and Toni still struggling with injury,they need to find some magic to contain Barcelona.


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  2. haish!
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    atleast i know too..
    thanx yup...
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  3. hahaha..anonymous tue dinda patik tue.biase la dinda,kene amek tau gak serba sedikit.heheh.
    tiha mu kene tahu gok br senang nak tackle org lelaki pasnie

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