Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movie maniac

I can not help but to post here today.i would like to grab your attention to 2 most anticipated movies this year.GI Joe and Angel and Demon.

GI Joe

Gi Joe as we all know are from the adaptation of comic and cartoon series long ago about an American military team stand up against evil people.This movie a lot of action and i am very excited to watch it as i grew with all of this.Can not wait this July

Angel and Demon

This one also promise to be a good one.After the highly acclaim The Da Vinci Code, Ron Howard and Tom Hank partner again to deliver yet another masterstroke in this one.This one is also another adaption from the novel by the same from Dan Brown.This movie tell a story of the Christian world and full of adventure with history and facts.I read the novel twice before and personally this one is better than Da Vinci Code but it's all up to you to judge it.


  1. Memory like the night is but a promise.
    - Angelina Jolie

  2. akan ku cover cite terbaru yang bakal best.. hahaha


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