Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pocketful of sunshine..

Last night was a disaster.We went to a cyber cafe to print our paper as we are too damn cheap to buy a printer and too damn busy to print it last week. We took a computer and opened the pendrive in hope of finishing the first draft.

To my suprise (as it was , sorry, it is my pendrive that we use), the file that supposedly printed can not be opened and when we scan there were many viruses and trojan and worm.You can name it all.I was shocked as the pendrive was clean before. i started to feel irritating.

In the end, the file that need to print can not be print,and end up printing something else.Something that was not supposed to be print.Damn that pc.i also end up formatting my pendrive and to cool our heart,got some refreshment.Huh, the propa need to postpone yet another day.Today, by hook or by crook, need to print that first draft.Something need to be done to cheer up and to smile on.

Just reading my friends' blog and wandering do i need to wash also my clothes.Looking at the weather right now, the sun shine brightly but can not predict for how long.Maybe i'll just wait a little bit longer.heheh.(don't judge me)

Enough said about silly milly thing.What is on the news right now?The world is still in chaos.The oil spilt in the coast of New Zealand and Australia.Barrack Obama still managing America and change is still not come yet.

The heat is on for the general assembly of UMNO and recently two big names were accused and been punished by the UMNO secretariat.

MALACCA: Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said he accepted, with an open heart, the party’s disciplinary board decision that bars him from contesting the deputy president position although he had refuted any wrongdoing when he was hauled before the committee.

He also said he would appeal the decision by end of Wednesday.
He also apologised to his supporters, urged them to be calm and close ranks for the sake of party unity.

Despite being barred from contest, he said, that he would attend the party’s general assembly and would continue to work for the betterment of Umno, he told reporters at a press conference at his Seri Bendahara residence in Ayer Keroh on Wednesday.

The Umno disciplinary board found him guilty of breaching the party’s ethics and barred him from contesting in the upcoming party’s polls on Monday.

However, his positions and membership in the party is not affected and he remains as the Malacca Chief Minister and Umno vice-president.

Also found guilty of the same offence by the board was Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin who is contesting the Umno Youth chief post but he was let off with only a warning.

Another contender for the post Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo who was investigated by the board for money politics was found not guilty.

Mohd Ali, who is said to be one of the stronger contender in the three-cornered contest for the number two post was found guilty under Article 10.1 of the party’s code of ethics, whereby he was presumed guilty for the actions of third parties.

Three of his agents who included his political secretary Saadun Basirun were found guilty of vote buying and have been suspended for three years or one term.
The other two other are a committee member of Bukit Katil Umno division Rosli Hasan and its Puteri wing deputy head Zalina Ismail.

Disciplinary board chairman Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ahmad said 29 people were investigated by the panel and 15 were found guilty and the others were cleared. Another contender for the post Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo who was investigated by the board for money politics was found not guilty.

p/s..Well, nothing to comment on this.If you all know and matured enough to think i think you will get this message behind the news.I f i talk too much maybe i will get into some trouble.i'm off to eat and print last night's work.hopefully manage to get it done today.

Hoping for the rain will stop and the sun shine brightly for the rest of the day and still in the dillema of going back home.Maybe just stay here complete the environmental assignment.


  1. stay kat hostel yg cantek nan indah ni dah la..huhu
    cept2 wash ur clothes!!!
    panah molek boh..

  2. hahah.aku bwk balik je.boss besar suh balik tkr kete.adeh laa

  3. uits...
    nt siap la tu propa tue..
    smile smile..;D

  4. dah siap propa.huhu.dah siap first draft laa.siap bind.yessssss


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