Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain - it's not about Rain, the korean superstar,girls

i woke up this morning with a hope that rain won't come down.To my disappointment, the rain fall down heavily.i got dressed up and ready to drive back to UDM. i borrowed my mother's car to feel more secured driving in rain and along the way to Terengganu, it was raining cat and dog.Sometimes it is wired to think that rain come this month as this month and foward should be a dry season but then rain come like it was monsoon season.

Maybe it's true, the world around had gone crazy. The global warming had taken its toll on us all and because of rain we all slept like hell.The productivity had been slowed down to its minimum.Maybe just an excuse.hehe.

I like to relate the rain with current issue and on top of mind of course the next UMNO general meeting and the turmoil in Perak.The wind of change have never been this strong for years and the wind kept blowing every people since the last year voting. Whoever replace Dao Abdulah Badwi surely has a lot of work to be done in restructuring UMNO and BN as a whole.It's intriguig to see the new cabinet in the government and would like to see what PM reaction after he step down the number one post in Malaysia.Dato Najib has taken the first step by introduing th mini budget for the economy and all of Malaysian will be hoping this plan isn't just another propaganda to waste money like he had done over the course of the year.All people know that he had waste million of money and with his connections to the Altantuya case (although he had swore he never know this woman).Whatever it is,hopefully malaysia can still be a peaceful country unlike in Thailand.

The school holiday had started and the road was busy with tourist.There are lot of mariage event this week and with this rain surely it will be a memorable one for the bride and bridegroom.

Rain bring cold and peace but rain also can bring thunderstorm and flood.Lets hope and pray this rain won't last long.


  1. hujan best..
    sejuk jer..
    kna bersyukur time2 hujan ni..
    xpns sgt...

  2. tue laa.syukur dgn nikmat Allah nie.dapat tido dgn lena dan banyak.heheh


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