Thursday, March 12, 2009


Realist is a person who see thing the way they truly are.Sometime a realist person is a practical one.Optimist is a person who see the world is full positive and alway cheer and happy.Opportunist is a person who grab the chance in life and never regret a single thing.Opportunist is a person who have a lot of friends and enjoy most fun in life.Optimist see the world as a place full of excitement and there will never be a dull moment.

i like to be an optimist but at the same time i think we all have to be does not matter which one you prefer as long it makes you the way you are.Realist can be optimist and opportunist at the same time but the level or degree of grabbing the chance is up to the experience and the way we see the world and life.There is never a loser in life.It 's just another road to be taken.Some road are meant to be end like this.Some road are never meant to be taken and supposedly to be end horrible.

i can never be a optimist and i see myself to be more a realist.I'm quite selfish person but i'm not an introvert person.Selfish in a sense of working alone.I need to add more to that.need to change more to this weakness. I know it takes two to tango and as written in Hyundai advertisement. less ME and more WE.

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  1. hurm.... u makes me thinking...lalallaa...


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