Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smoking Hot

Just can't help reading my friends' blog today about our friends' presentation.Today there were 3 group.The topic that they presented was about shisha,girls and smoking and lastly about Malay and dress code.


I think many of us already about this.To those who yet do not know about this let open wikipedia.hehe.Shisha had been brought by the arabic traders to peninsular.Many version of shisha actually.There were also many arguments about the effect of shisha to ones health and so far there were yet scientific research been done about this.Shisha or hookah had been known as one of the Middle East culture.If you had a chance to go to Middle East, you will see the people smoke shisha like they smoke here.Some people misuse shisha as a tool for drug and shame on them.Nowadays, there are many restaurants serve shisha as their side attraction for the teenagers.So, to those who are smoking and yet try shisha,do try it.To those who does not smoke,please do not try.

Talking about smoke, a group of girls talk about girls and smoking within the scope of east coast of peninsular.We can not see girls smoke here in the public.But the fact is the trends is fast growing.In the west coast, even the middle age woman smoke Dunhill and Marlboro.But here, in Kelantan and Terengganu, not many girls dare to smoke in public.Personnally, i do not like and hate girl who smoke.It seem a little bit crazy and too weird to be accept.

Dresscode and Malay teenagers. A lot had been talked about this actually.Yes, some people might argue that 'don't judge a book by its cover' but then we as Malay have our religion and custom to follow.Both had clearly stated that we need to cover our aurat and dress properly whenever we are outside of the house.Dress is what make who we are. Because of globalization, many teenagers tried to copycat the dress and subculture of the West.They feel the trend need to be followed and neglect some of the moral value in dressing.Sometimes it hurt to see a Malay girls dress like Avril or a Malay boy dress like Kurt Cobain.We need to review on this.Almost all of the fashion and clothing design from the west are not appropriate for us.We need to alter it so that we do not neglect our culture and religion.I did not say we can not dress according to the trend but we need to alter it.i understand, the globalization can not be avoid these days but we need control and set up some boundries to that.Agree on me?

p/s..i like a group presenting Metroseksual..Catchy and Nice topic.A trend that had been rapidly growing in urban area nowadays.i remember watching a Thailand movie about Metroseksual.Very funny.


  1. shisha??
    mmm...nk try bleh??
    byk perisa 2..
    try la jd metroseksual..

  2. mesti la suke metrosexual tu...tgk la sape yg present..hahah.

    p/s: ingat ingt cite tu..david bekham=metrosexual
    padan ngan sore die

  3. nak try ke shisha?try la perisa apple mint.takpun grape mint.mmg best sgt.

    jd metroseksual?taknak lah.tak best.huhuh

    tue la psl.yg tersyg present tue

  4. kakakaa..
    mace2 mg dih..
    jadilah lelaki yg beriman dan macho dimata kekasih hati..
    eh.. ape la yg aku merepek ni..

  5. hmmm...ak suggest mu try r jd lelaki metrosexual..confirm awek keliling pinggang r satgi..hahaha..


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