Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 + 5..the answer is one hell of idea..

Yep. The week pass by just like the others and we are all sitting lazily looking foolishly toward the exam timetable on the left and the notes on the right. Wanna start reading those entire things?

Think again. Really really think very deep

Just relax for a second and enjoy this one.

The 5 things you would do when you are lazy to read the notes

5 – Eat..we are all heading that way if you know what I mean

4 – Chatting in YM..People need to socialize right?

3 – Blogging…Reading and Writing..The skills to communicate

2 – Watching some movies with same old lazy friends…It takes two to tango

1 – and of course..Sleep like a baby.

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What up..Just another collection of the memories as a teslian 06/09

The top 10 list word or phrases that will always haunt UDM TESL students’ memories

10 – Introduction to TESL ..nobody is perfect and we are all nobody

9 – Bahasa Arab …2 semester…fuhh

8 – Falsafah Pendidikan Malaysia (First semester) ..what?zzzzz

7 – English Camp ..light! Camera! act like a fool!..Bring down the curtain

6 – Description of English ..semantically and pragmatically indescribable

5 – Onomatopoeic .. arbitrary useless to define

4 – Toh Puan (Introduction to Literature) ..thou shall not ever come to class

3 – Lesson Plan ..Set Induction-5 minutes. Presentation – 10 minutes . Sleep -Forever

2 – Propa….( Crazy + chaos + angry + money) X infinity

1 – Kosmologi Perbandingan ..The stars are blind by Paris Hilton..(damn right stars are blind)

p/s ;Congratulations to all who got the interviews this Saturday and next week. Be prepared, confident with yourselves and please, do start dream about the orientations week next July..huhuh.See you again


  1. pun buat itu ketika mhu stdy...
    stdy+do+kn.. syg suke!

    gudluck juga kekwn intervw..hehee..


  2. shit. aku lupe nak study. oh li jum buat study gerup

  3. owh..arabic..alhamdulilah everything dh lepas..=)
    doakan kami sume dlm intrview kays...
    gud luck final..!

  4. aku snggp bljr bhs german drp arab....

  5. tiha - bgs2..sayangilah udm ini

    roy - jom2.same2 kita study group dan tido.haha

    jaa - gud luck utk interviews.btl2 arab dah lepas.syukurlah

    yen - mu belajar aa german.bleh gi berlin tgk tembok.hahah

  6. org pandai xpela nk sleep like a baby
    kite yg hina ni sleep like a log je la =0

  7. ohh..pali..
    sdh lme ak tdk m'dgr pktaan anomotopoeic(btol dok ak ejo ni)..

    huhu..time kseh..trse mgamit jiwe je ble m'rewind blik sbjek2 hok kte blja..

    gud luck 2 all teslianzz..
    2more ppers 2go=)

  8. izzah - huhuh..sbb terlalu pandai laa kot tido mcm baby sbb nak bace pun tak tau ape

    intaq - same2.beul doh la tue ejo..haha.gud luck2

  9. aku bru tau rupenye bnyk dh aku blaja..
    tp nape aku xingt stu mende pun..jeng


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