Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 down, 1 to go

There’s only one more paper to go before the curtain finally being brought down in UDM for us,TESL students. This one promises to bring harder than the previous two but we all confident with ourselves and promises to bring out the best for the sake of the future. But, life got to go on right? Just take a five minute break from all the tiring reading the notes. Got to write something to clear out the mind. Hope you enjoy. I seem cannot let go of making list. Maybe this one is something I good at.Finally.hahaha.

Hope your enjoy. This latest one might be a little bit selfish and bias but it’s not me to judge that right?You guess all on your own who supposedly have the honor to judge me.

The top 10 list of the places that I need to see before I die if I ever got the chance to do so.

10 – Giza, Cairo ,Egypt – Got to see all those pyramid and mummies.One of the seven wonder of the world .Filled with many history.

9 – Safari Park, anywhere in Africa continent. I like nature especially the animal.Really got to see those lions,cheetah and deers before they extinct from this world.Yes, some animals can be seen in Zoo Negara but it’s not the same when they are in their natural habitat. You got to see it wild.

8 – Paris, France. People said this city is the city of love and love is in the air.Honestly, I just want to see the Eiffel tower and experience the city that once Hitler chased so hard and Napoleon Bonaparte was born.Bonjour..

7 – Big Ben, London , England. Some said when you go to London, your visit is not complete without seeing Big Ben.This monument had been the symbol for London for decades.London, the capital of England,the country that colonize this country for centuries.And sorry, I would not go visit Stamford Bridge or Wembley cause I don’t support EPL football teams simply because it was a waste of time.hahah.You wish,,,

6 – Jerusalem – This city once been the kiblat for the Muslim before Kaabah in Mecca and now 3 religion, Jew,Christian and Muslim still debating who got the full power for this land.This city was once called the holy land for the Jew and Christian people. I just cannot imagine the blood of thousand soldiers had been spill for this land in the crusade war.This place hold many historic story and some are still mysterious.

5 – Los Angeles, USA – The city of angel where al the stars are glittering.Who did not want to see the city where almost all the Hollywood stars lived and work.And yes, got to see the famous Hollywood hills.

4 – New York, USA – The city that never sleep.The big Apple.Some of the famous nickname for the city that once being called the center of the world.The famous Wall Street, the collapsed World Trade center, the empire state building, Central Park, Yankees new stadium in Bronx,Times Square and best of all the people.

3 – Milan, Italy – Yes, the city is called the city of fashion in Europe and in the old days this city i was once the city that generate the Renaissance era.But honestly, I does not care about that era or the history so much,don’t get me wrong, I’m good at history and in fact I love it but this city had something that I hold regard highly,San Siro Stadium.You can guess right away. The Inter Milan home stadium. The atmosphere is out of this world .It would be indescribable once I set foot in those field Forza Inter.The home of Blue and black jersey.i also still recalled why I support this team when many people supported Man Utd or Liverpool.I guess I can made one hell of list out of it.Just wait.hahaha

2 – Madinah, Saudi Arabia – The city that our prophet help establish to be one of the most visited place by Muslim people annually.The city that once was the core of Islamic empire starting with our Prophet s.a.w continued by Abu Bakar, Umar Al Khattab, Uthman Affan, Ali.Bani Abbasiyah,and a few more that I forgot their name.

1 – Mecca, Saudi Arabia – the core of Islamic pillar, do the hajj in Mecca and you will be a complete Muslim (by God permission).Enough said already.

p/s – I did not know when I can finally be able to visit all those place. Maybe 5 years,10 years or maybe 20 years in the future.Hopefully I can go all those places.It’s going to cost a ton of money.


  1. wahh begitu tinggi harapan mu wahai en.palie....
    hope you can visit all the places you listed and don't forget to share with us... =)

  2. waa..besnyer..
    nnt kte g sme2 yer..

  3. haish!!!!!!!
    pjg jua... hahahhaa..
    wah kenapakah makkah last sekali..?? susunan tdk betull.. ekekekee...


  4. yeap..
    makkah should be the first..
    aku pun teringin gop g tmpat2 gitu..
    hopefully the dreams come true..

  5. mimi - hahah,bleh2..aku berdoa semoga termakbuk

    farah - jom2..honeymoon di san siro sambil tgk bola lepas tue p paris.huhuhu

    tiha - bkn laa.kan list tue ade no.makkah berada no satu laa.susunan menurun

    jaa - susunan menurun ye.mmg makkah paling atas sekali kene p


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