Saturday, April 25, 2009

au revoir

the title mean good bye in the end is nearer every second.but the beginning promise something just nice.hey, the fact in my post this time is i'm too damn lazy to write.Pity me i guess i just insert a nice cool song below.Enjoy.I try and collect thought for another one.That one will be supercool and super interesting as always.

Lyrics | Coldplay lyrics - Viva La Vida lyrics

Gomo kelate gomo.Tonight The res warrior will be up against the red giant (Selangor)in the final FA cup in Bukit Jalil National Stadium.Really really wish i was there.waaaaaaaaa.Wanna go there.Seriously want to see this match but instead i only got to watch the match at television with some friends in some shops.


  1. bersbr la dgn keputusan smalm yer..
    jgn terjun bangunan ye..

  2. ermm..agak mendukacitakan..
    but tahniah gop untuk kelate team coz dpt masuk final..
    bukan senang beb..
    kalah penalti tak heran ngt..

  3. hukhuk..nak buat guano takdop luck si kijang mlm baru nie.takpe.piala malaysia ade lagi.kelantan akan gegar bukit jalil lagi


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