Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Haunting List

Hehe.The title did not exactly bring the mean of what the list below is all about.JUst a little teaser for all.Just sitting after watching major league Baseball this morning and i guess filling up some time on this.Well, kinda of like writing all the list.try to funny but i guess that does not work that well right?Okay..good feeling today as got the chance to watch Inter played last night and although they only draw but then the title is still in their hand.Forza Inter.

The top 5 things i hate the most in UDM for all these 3 years

5 - HEPA
owh.yess.i guess everyone got sick with this one rite.I mean come on.Not all are guilty for this one but certain people just make some bones in my body to rip their heads off literally and figuratively and if i'm glad to have those feeling.Huhu.hope they can improve and change.

4 - Pak Din's Cafe
Can i explain more on this?One time, i ate here and immediately got stomach ache for a week.A week ,really, i'm not joking, a week.Come on!

3 - Security Guard
This one fight closely with the no 2 seed but then have to settle with no 3. it seem we are all study in high school or worse in a kindergarten.Yup, call me orthodox but then we all grown up already rite?Some guard are good,cannot deny that but some even worse than the devil it too harsh?nahh..

2 - VC(Vice Chancellor not vacuum Cleaner,doooh)
Why i pick this one?the UDM facilities,service,Tok Jembal water shortage,computer lab crowded, bla and goings to be a long list but i guess you get the meaning.

1 - Myself
hahahah.yes the most thing i hate the most while in UDM is Myself.only me and God Almighty know that.I guess i can be a betterman and hopefully can be a betterman.Chill out everyone.Never ever hate yourself and try to love everything that you had done.

Just a nice song for everyone.


  1. oh..setuju ngn semua 1-4.. yg kelima tidak!

    believe in urself la bro..

  2. stuju gak ngan teha..
    no need to mention the last one..
    u r the best..
    u know..

  3. i believe i can fly
    i believe i can touch the sky.huhuh

  4. you forgot to mention one thing..i think you knew what it is

  5. ade tertinggal lagi ke?takpe..list lepas ni lagi the last for the best..huhuh.
    i'm the best there is.heheh


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