Thursday, April 2, 2009

Movies - x men origin and Astro Boy

i found a nice trailer about the new upcoming movies, x-men:the origins.

This new x-men movie will be focussing on the origins of Logan aka Wolverine frm his early days before he become wolverine which has adamantium in his body and the trademark three claws in each of his hand.This story will aslo met him with Sabretooth and Gambit.Can't wait to see this one as the previous x-men movies where Phoenix and Professor X died really disappoint me.

The next blockbuster movie would be Astro Boy.Owh, we all live in world where we love to see robot talking and Japanese loved that and Astro Boy was created.I even remember searching for Astro Boy tshirt just to show how much i love the artwork of its creator.Astro promised to be an exciting adventure one.This movie is Set in Metro City, a grieving scientist constructs a young robot with incredible powers in the image of the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving scientist's expectations, "Astro Boy" leaves, embarking on a journey of acceptance and betrayal that eventually leads him back to to the home he left in order to save Metro City and the father who had rejected him.


  1. jom lie, kita ke punggung... eh panggung......

  2. ape cer panggung. suport cetak rompak ar.. kakakaka





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