Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sambungan- manusia bertopeng.

This is the sequel of the previous entry.but i promised you this is the last time.Next time will be normal as usual.I'm sick and tired about all this already.I really need something to lighten up the day.This is just a song,a poem or whatever you may called purposely created.Enjoy.I did not know whether it is good or not but damn i just worte whatever my heart told me so.Everyone wear a mask but remember to change it and be a new one but others seem to forget that the mask consume everything.

i once a man
who blind with love
blind with betrayal
my world fill with deception
Filthy little liar
You make a hell out of me
You took happiness away
Sadness just one step away
Bring the curtain of loneness down
You broke my heart down

Ohh I miss that feeling
That’s not love
Not even a drop
I miss hatred
I really am

My heart is fire
Anger in the core
Doesn’t matter people said
I seem cannot refused
Then I woke up
The sun is even prettier
The grass is greener
Ohh I miss that feeling
That’s not love
Not even a drop
I miss hatred
I really am

I finally found the thing I searched
After being fooled again and again
Not that I forgot the crime
I just wait and wait
Waiting for the chance for revenge
I know I have mature
You all know me too well

Ohh I miss that feeling
That’s not love
Not even a drop
I miss hatred
I really am

Now, the line has been drawn
Just wait and see
Just watch what I capable
Not even angel can help you
Not even devil dare to stand beside you
For you, the death came down itself
Everything you’ve done
Slightest apologies will not enough
For I have change
I change a lot
But inside I still a fire
Ravaging everything in the way
Change does not mean I forgot
I remember too damn well


  1. be cool.. dat's..
    ;D juz pray 2 GOD that everything will be ok..

  2. Eminem- Will the real Zulfadli ,please stand up, please stand up, please Stand up..

  3. ada cerita tentang aku dan dia.. tak semua indah.. tak semua ceria.. seperti dia pernah berkata.. 'simpan lah kenangan kita bersama kerana cuma kenangan itu yang kita kongsi bersama..' p/s: jangan cepat melantun

  4. tk melantun pun cuma menyatakan prinsip sbb kadang2 org nie mudah lupa apa yang org lain tak buat n buat.jika aku mudah melantun sdh lama bola api pergi dan membakar yang mana terlibat

  5. pejam mata..
    semua orang mau bahagia....


berkata-kata lah sesuka hati....

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