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Top 5 Memorable Moments in UDM involving students' activities

Yes.You read it right.I had compiled all the memories (involving me of course) in UDM involving the clubs,society or just an event where i spent times with my friends.I choose the word memorable as for me memorable is not only about happy, but also sad or angry.So what ever you may say about this list, i think what i think.And, of course, the term that any blogger would say, this is my blog and i can do whatever i want to.hahahah.Enjoy.

p/s it's not fair if only UDM rite?so i will recalled my memories in UTP.And hopefully come out with other list regarding the memories as a student.

Top 5 memorable moments in UDM involving students' activities

5 - KRIM
Yes..Kelab Remaja Islam Malaysia.We by chance entered this club in semester one and have active ever since (some might say that..hehehE).Many experience and knowledge we got from all the KRIM activities and many new friends along the way.KRIM had taught me how to manage the club and the experience of doing the job done(what the hell i'm talking about?yess.the politics of HEPA..word up).From KRIM, we had gone to Angulia(Marang), Motel Desa (Nice motel on top of the hill with the view of the KT town), Sekayu and Lata Belatan (Nice and cool refreshing waterfall).Thank you to all KRIM member.

4 - Monsoon Cup
In the first sem i was very lucky to get selected to be an Assistant Liason Officer for Monsoon Cup.It was a great experience and i learn more about the Terengganu people and a life of being a volunteer (well not entirely as we still got paid..awesomely..heheh).My holiday was cut in short because of this but truly it was memorable and still until today i would wear the shirt from this event any day.

3 - Camporee Scout in Mount Kiara Kuala Lumpur
What a memory this one had.Yes, it was scouting and still deep in my head how the hell i am goint to get along with other scouts?But we all managed to do it right.Thanks very much to Sir Rosdi who gave us the chance to experience the world of scouting and spent some time in Kuala Lumpur.Almost a week there and with only one scout clothes to wear on.What a mess right?With limited water and not so comfortable place to sleep, all of it will stay in our head for years to come.

2 - TESL Annual Dinner
Yes it all come to this one.Who can ignore but to accept this one.Annual dinner had been a masterpiece event for every year in TESL calendar. This first one is not too good but hey..we all still a freshman that year.Next one is a tough one.Learn to decorate the ball room.Learn to find the best memorable gift for the guest.The last one is the fun one.We come,we see and we eat.huhuh.A lot of pictures. A lot of laughter.Yup..The awards was so shocking yet enjoy.Thanks to all that responsible for making annual dinner the good if not the great one.When will you have time to wear all the fancy and glamourous clothes right?only at annual dinner.With makeup and heels like a supermodel, girls had turn to be woman and trust me, TESLian girls students are all beautiful(with minimum make up please).

1- English Camp
For me, the best have to go with this one.Yes,The english camp.This is the time where you value your friendship the most.The time where you expose and test you skills and attitude.The time to polish English.We compete with each other and we won and lost.We never care that as long as we all have fun and god damn it , we all have fun at English Camp.All of us had talent and we can see that even Siti Nur Haliza can not compete with us in the term of Singing(In english cause siti suck in English..hahahah).We do western yeay..very funny and tiring but happy.The acting part?We could see many students would have ended in Hollywood if they were given the chance to cast in.We all can act and surely we all are creative people.Tip Top Troopers is still the best.hahahah.Thank you guys(Tip Top Troopers) as we are the winner for JAzz Chant and we should and perhaps jsut miss the western Dikir part.huhu.


  1. oh mmg cool memories itu..
    mmg xleh dilupakan.. scouts.. many more lah!

    akan rindu semua... oh sadis sekali..
    *sob sob*

  2. western dikir part winner goes to..__________
    *sila isi tempat kosong*
    mmg deep la mu palie!

  3. hahah.cess.jgn diungkit kekalahan tipis itu.

  4. ermmm cayalah mu leh cite everything lam blog nie..huhuu
    thnx la jd partner ak time batch kite organise Annual dinner 08..(ajk cnderahati/hadiah)
    hehe..macam2 kenangan dulu2 mari mula biler bc entry mu ni..
    cayalah zul..!

  5. hahah.biase.aku pun tak sangka gak dgn diri aku sendiri nie.hahah.

  6. lie... aku stuju dgn mg... kalo aku diberi pluang bawa blik bnda berharga dr UDM... aku wak blik mg..hahahahaha

  7. hahah.malas aku balik ngan mu?mu tok tunjuk2 lagi biawak tuh.mmg perkara paling terkilan lah dlm hidup aku di udm.takleh tgk biawak


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