Friday, April 10, 2009

UTP list and Surprise bonus..Word Down.

I had promised to get down with the list from the UTP memories and I had fulfilled it. Here goes, the top 5 list of the best memory in UTP .

5 – Hiking Bukit Larut, Taiping

It was an unforgettable memory. We climbed this hill with soaked clothes as rain keep pouring down.The view from the top is tremendous and the air is cool.Really fun and relaxing.If had the chance would love to go there again.Taiping, a nice town with many monuments.

4 – BBq at Teluk Batik beach and Kuala Kangsar

Yup..Eating, swimming and lamb chop. Doctor advised not to eat many lamb as the cholesterol might get high but we all do not care.huhuh. The BBQ was amusing one.

3 - Camping at Sungkai

This one was really memorable as I slept in a tent alone with the rain and thunderstorm outside and the tent nearly got washed away by the water and I got fed up with covering the hole in that tent and ended up sleeping in a hut nearby. The next day we all got to crossed a river that only last night it was rain heavily and in the middle of the river with the rope and everything you felt like you become superman with your body nearly got carried away by the water and current.

2 – Langkawi Visit

We woke up at 4 am. Decide to go to Langkawi at 5 am and we drive to Kuala Perlis at 6 am.hahah. superfast decision. We slept in a rent car there with many people as the Chinese New year holiday approach and spend around rm400.00 per person. What a visit that was. Only a day and a night. Really exhausting but pleasant one.

1 – Studying and Students’ life

Yes..studying there was memorable although I got the not so good and horrible ending but still I got to admit that it was memorable at some part.I might had said in the past that I regret entering UTP but if not for that I would not had been where I am right now. Yup, some might said that and others might said the other way but hey, I finally recover from it and my identity will always be the one that had entered UTP.right?so whatever the case is, UTP was memorable in my life.

p/s..this newspaper cut is just a piece of memory and i think not only in UTP the situation happen.Almost all universities in Malaysia have all this and now the school even.What a mess to the root of education,Right?

i feel very energetic tonight and as a bonus, I hereby list down another list.This one entitle the ‘top 10 word widely used or famously spoken by TESLIAN in UDM’.(some word might only the boy used and some might argue that there were many more word need to add up in this list so add it,please)

Top 10 words or phrases(famous and widely used among TESLIAN in UDM)

10 – mende/what

Terengganu word.Need no explanation on this one I think.

9 - training or practice

This one is used a lot especially during English Camp. Almost everything need to training or practice.

8- presentation

Yup.TESL course had many subject that require the students to present in front of the class.So I think all tesl students by the end of their diploma had already know and improve on their presentation skills

7 – makan/eat

Most of tesl students eat a lot as we got hungry fast.hahah.maybe this is true for the boys.

6 – Pasar Malam

This one spot every Tuesday and Thursday where all the students can change their appetite for food.But still, Terengganu food..come on..

5 – lesson Plan

The one word that hauntingly ironic in semester 5.hahaha

4 – PAS

Hahahah.more explanation needed everyone?just ask the part 6 tesl students

3 – English camp

Time to be a fool but in a right and enjoy one.Gonna miss this one

2 – PRopa

Sometime like a living hell and if propa can talk like a human I would ended up in jail bar as I would be joined by my friends beating Propa badly at the back of Pok Din Café.hahaha

1 – Love

Yup.the one word define it all.Love to God.Love to friends.Love to yourselves and love the loved one.From friends become lover.Lover become friends(really?)CloseFriends become mere friends.From 6 then 4.From 0 become 3.From 7 become 0.From 1 become 2.Many feeling associated with the word.We all had grown up and we all know what it is all about.Love UDM and TESL.-


  1. huhuhu
    sesuai keje ngn DBP...
    another words/phrase?

  2. haha.dbp ye.bleh consider.just wait and see..another catchy list is on the making

  3. owh..tersangatlah byk bende yg nk diungkai kan..
    huhu..pape pun TESLIAN mmg best..
    keep in touch..!!

  4. oh..ohh..aku memang sentiasa kagum dengan orang yang boleh list down things..woh woh..
    suka hati membacanya keranan aku hanya pandai menglistdown ape keje kna buat ngan ape brg nak kna beli..woot..


  5. hahah.mmg btl pun tesl is best..
    aku pun hanya pndi list kan benda yg diidamkan yang mmg mustahil bleh didapati.hahah

  6. bgus..
    setuju ngn semua..
    part love tu hebat lah!!!

  7. bagus2
    bleh jadi kwn kt pejabat sastera ngra 10 thun akan datng ni ....
    hmmm wait...
    10 tahun akan datang kamoo sudah umur brapa ya =0

  8. 35 laa izzah..tak tua sgt pun


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