Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another 3 words..(not football anymore)

Yess.Another 3 words for you all.'It's raining heavily'.there you have it.It's not about football.i know not many people crazy about football like some of my friends and i do right?But hey,a man got to do what a man got to do right?

Yes, i finally finished downloading all the episode of How I met your Mother season 1 up until season 4.Believe me, the series just got better and better.the more i watch it the more i convinced that i got to admit that i saw a glimpse of ' Friends' in that series.Sometimes that is good but sometimes it's not that good as i want that series to be one hell of a series and not somethings made up because of the other successful series.But anyhow, if you got chance to watch this series, please and trust my words, you will not be disappointed.Can't wait for season 5 to come out.Next mission?Smallville and Two and half men.

Those 3 words like i said in the title header is not about football anymore.Why do i like these phrase?hmmm, I'm also not quite sure why i like it.

3 words to do this damn holiday,'watching,sleeping,eating'.

3 things to watch on tv until June, ' Basketball,Baseball,Sitcom'.

3 things to eat while watching tv, 'Fries,Cookies,Hot dogs'.

3 things i would like to say it a alot, ' i miss you'.

I guess that's all for now.Got to go watch the NBA Western Conf. Finals between Lakers and Nuggets and never get bored to watch Yankess played.
One question. Do you like my lists?Arghh, what the hell, i just write whatever i felt i want to right?

Top 10 list i would like to do the best when it's raining heavily.

  1. Surfing (The internet not the waves.hahaha)
  2. Eating French fries
  3. Reading book (Da Brown)
  4. Playing FM(football manager games)
  5. sit down alone watching the rain
  6. watch TV
  7. smoking (to keep the body warm.hahaha)
  8. Sleeping
  9. Watching tv sitcom (How i met your mother)
  10. Sms with the 'one'.

p/s try to listen to this song.A nice one from Katie Perry.

Lyrics | Katy Perry lyrics - Waking Up In Vegas lyrics


  1. akhirnya bersuara gak izzah ye.lamo benar takdop

  2. bukan g aner2 pn
    duk pusing2 dlm umah jer

  3. woit2....
    ade ke nk pnskn bdn isap rokok....
    org duk dlm selimut ar/comforter....

  4. izzah - ish22.pusing2 dlm umah je.orang pusing2 la semenanjung ke.hehheeh

    lekha - hahaha.yela nanti beli comforter kat peng. kubur.


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