Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dating...The first one is the most important and the last one is not needed cause there is no last date

Good Morning everyone.Another day at home and i'm kinda like this one.Any given day i would be tortured by the boredom of doing nothing but now it feel like there are so many things to do.Last night for example, i had to drive for quite some time to repair my father's pc and my sister laptop.Later, in the middle of the day with the sun shinning brightly on top of head, my car run into trouble.The battery won't work.What a waste.i even had to find the jumper to kickstart my car on the side of the road.Luckily my friend was there.And now the car (i think) is in his usual condition, hopefully.

i heard an interisting topic last night while driving on are the things you don't say to your girl on the first date? Apparently, the dj said that 70% of guys (i think) vote that the phrases of " i love you "is the most popular unwanted things to say on the first date to a girl.Hmm, i guess it is right in one way.Imagine, you on a first date with this guy or girl and half way through the date, he or she said 'i love u'.What a shock right? Yes, we can argue that if we're not in love with him or her we wouldn't even called it a date.That's might be right for some point but you don't say the magic words on the very first might say it after 10 or even 20 date.You got to know and be friends first and let the others know you.Let the feeling grow slowly.Love is not something you can rush into making decision and making assumptions.

What else is the phrases is not quite right to say on the very first date?Anyone have some suggestions or experience, please drop some i come up with my own list of "the things you don't say on the first date". The list is being collected from personal views, collective experiences from friends and also some research (yeah right, i made some research on this man!).Enjoy

Things you don't say on the very first date with a man or a girl.
  1. we should get married after 6 months
  2. you sure eat a lot
  3. your face remind me of my ex boyfriend/girlfriends
  4. i love you
  5. can you pay for me this time?
  6. i don't like your dress
  7. do you have a lot of money?
  8. one of my friends like you very much and pity him/her.
  9. hmm..can you tell me the name of your friends who....
  10. actually i have other important work to do tonight..
Remember , love is like building something and even the Eternal City, Rome wasn't build in one day.It takes days,months,even a life time to love someone.For Rome, i don't know how many century the Romans build their empire and made Rome,once a greatest city in the world have ever known.

p/s - the above is kinda sexual and horrible.Please don't ever say it to people.But some people might not even understand you.


  1. erk!
    aku xmo tahu la.. wahahaa.. bapak belagak aku niee... cettt!

    neway.. thanx yepp.. nk tahu senanye.. lalalaa..


  2. hahaha.same2..takkan taknak tahu..mesti seme nak tahu dan semesti tahu dah sikit2

  3. bagus point2 tu bro
    tersengeh aku baca...hahaha

    dah tahu pura2 buat2 xtahu

  4. ray - thanks bro..hopefully kita, man tak buat la seperti dlm list tue.hhahaha


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