Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forza Inter Milan - The Italian Champion for the 4th times in a row

Inter Milan finally won the scudetto (Serie A trophy ) last night even without playing after Udinese beat AC Milan 2-1. Inter will play tonight against Siena and this match surely just as an exhibition match.Now Inter had collect 17 Serie A title and surely more trophy will come in the future.

For all the trouble they had this season, this victory is a sweet one.They had injuries a lot to the key players.Got beaten by Man Utd in the Champion League and Sampdoria in the Italian Cup just made the will or determination to win the league title even stronger than ever.Juventus and AC Milan just breathing down their neck week in week out in which Inter successfully able to gain points to keep the distance from them.

Jose Mourinho who just got hired this season face a lot of difficulties in understanding the league and manage the squad but with his talent, he was able to put a team that have strong understanding and consistent in the league.

Hopefully Inter will win so much more in the future and this summer , Inter Milan will do some rebuilding in order to progress to the next level.Now, let's celebrate this victory.

Thanks to all Interisti around the world.

Thanks to the players that play with strong heart and never give up.

Thanks to Mourinho, a great coach with unique character.

Thanks to Moratti, your leadership to the club is very meaningful

Thanks Inter Milan.

p/s- I am very happy then the club i support won this trophy.I could not even stop smiling for awhile right now even though i was all alone in front of the PC.hahaha.Anyhow, what is the best way to celebrate this success?FYI,I got no money.Well, i guess i just celebrating with everything that i got.hahah

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  1. Manchester United FanMay 18, 2009, 6:57:00 PM

    Congratulations to Inter Milan.


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