Monday, May 25, 2009

I need to get over this...Let's Rush to the nearest one.

Last night, i went out with some of friends to this familiar place smoking shisha and drinking(not alcohol, just iced tea..). We chat while watching English Premier League last game for this season.The 3 teams that fight against relegation, Newcastle,M'Boro and Hull were all played with all their heart but eventually all of them lost.Luckily for Hull, they survived for another season as Newcastle and M'Boro also lost.Sadly for Newcastle, with all their players, coach with Shearer, still they cannot avoid being relegated to the championship.The problem with their team is that they already lose their hope of surviving in the league since the Christmas.Why.because of the internal problem they had earlier and with all the mistake of postitioning players and management, Newcastle, for the first time had to go down.

Anyway, i'm not going to talk more detail about football in this entry.I reserved it for another time where i will conclude more on that.Besides, the excitement of the Champions League Final this Wednesday is irresistible.What i am writing today is about the things i mentioned at the top of this entry.Yes, went out with my friends.You see, one of my friends worked at this fast food chains in Kota Bharu.And when we had this chance to talked, he always gave us some inside scoop of how this 'fast food' run on daily basis.We always thought before this that this place was wonderful and it would be fun to work there.Unfortunately, that was not the case.The pay rate is not that exclusive and the workload is just same as you run the regular restaurant.The main difference is that, people expect more when they go this 'fast food' restaurant.Who can blame them right?But, we have to be realistic.The people work there is also a human and cannot escape from making mistake.

Talking about this make me think of eating.You have to forgive me.Since i'm doing nothing right now at this house (beside sleeping,eating and watching TV), i came to think of all the things that i had done in the past.Well, this entry is not going to be the one where i regretting my sins(Luckily).What i mean here is , as i was thinking about eating, i came to realize how many fast food restaurant that i had gone all this years.We all can see that the fast food franchise had change the way Malaysian's people think.Fast food is now become the way of life.KFC is now open 24 hours a day.For what reason?because there are people who lazy enough to cook in the middle of night and just want to eat the western food.McD offers variety of meal and cruelly, they offered meal for all day.There were Breakfast meal,Lunch Meal and of course the dinner meal had been there forever.

Nevertheless, fast food restaurant preferred by many people because of its service.You can denied that.Even 'Mamak' service is way out of their league.(Out of respect to some 'Mamak' restaurant).They (fast food chains) always maintain their service, cleanliness and punctuality for their brand.Although the price is higher than the usual still people come and choose these fast food restaurants as they feel the price they had to pay for the food is quite normal along with the service and satisfaction they get from there.

So, what is your favorite fast food restaurants? Here i enlisted the top 10 list of the best fast food restaurants in Malaysia.Some of the list might had to be updated in the future but for now, i think i am being reasonable enough.

Top 10 list of the best fast food restaurants in Malaysia

10 - Kenny Rogers roaster - Tender chicken grilled.
9 - Papa Chop Mama Grill - Lamb Chop with black pepper.Make your belly full.
8- Secret Recipe - Mud Choc melted in your mouth.
7 - Burger King - Whooper made you skip lunch and dinner.Beside, you can refill your drink indefinetely(as long as you stay in the restaurants)
6 - Carl's Junior - The definition of large size of burger(the real definition).
5 - Domino - More satisfying if you can eat the whole pizza by yourselves.
4 - Big Apple - Melting chocolate with nuts on top of your donuts.Who can resist that?
3 - Pizza Hut - Crusty, Cheesy and Yummy.Need more words on that?
2 - KFC - it's finger licking good.Just like it's motto.
1 - McDonalds - Burger, fries and a coke.The right items to spent leisure time of doing nothing.


  1. Li mcD 2 oder molek. kang buleh berger 4 , air 5 plop

  2. roy - tue psl..air pulok order hok large.mula la kembung perut.terlebih air


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