Sunday, May 10, 2009

i'm relaxing - KL style

Down in KL for the past two days and today will going back to Lumut.I really had a good time here(but the money is all gone.hahahha)

Just watched Star trek last night and it was awesome.Full of action and out of this world sci-fi.i recommend you all to watch this movie quickly

not enough sleep this couple days but totally worth it.Got to find some job back home for the next few days.i'm totally krazy - broke,smelly,not enough sleep and tired.


  1. ouh... well, holiday is time 4 us to relax, rite...
    nothing 2 be rushed for... =)
    nati kijo btl2 ke, kalut nk cuti pulok....hehehe
    dpt cti free ni, praktikkannya sepenuh nya...hehhee

  2. owh..
    sudah balik ker hometown yep..
    hehe.releks la puah2 b4 cari kijer...
    ceria2 selalu..=)

  3. mimi - betul tue.rilek lu..cuti lame nie bile lagi nak mkn puas2 and tido tak ingat dunia.hahah

    jaa - baru balik pagi nie.gud luck utk masum tue.harumkan la nama udm yang tak berapa nak harum dah tue


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