Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Sorry - From KB to Lumut and maybe KL

i am really sorry for not updating this blog regularly but mostly this is by some technical problem regarding of the internet connection in my house and that damn old laptop.Right now i am in Lumut with my friends having time to relax mind and maybe will be going to KL.The bad news is i don't have much money right now.

Delighted this past few days after watching the semi finals Champion League and cannot wait to see the final that will be held in Rome between Manchester United and Barcelona.

Really hope can update more regularly this blog and once again i apologize for this.I'm not sorry for anyone but only to myself,mostly.hehe.

got some list of some popular cliche that i can think of (some phrases to make mind working..heheh..i'll be preparing the full list next time, i promise)

Money can't buy everything but everything needs money

Love is friendship but doesn't friendship destroy love?


  1. lie.. aku nk g lumut jgk bleh
    ? kancip nih

  2. ngeh ngeh
    money is the centre of people's living nowadays..
    love komen la ambe...
    g cari kerja kalo nak duit...haha

  3. best nyo g jale2... nk g etek... huhu


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