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Job Hunting - List of jobs available

I came across article couple days ago about the best and worst job in the world. The writer pointed out that a guy (I don’t remember his name) had just got a dream job where he would snorkeling, swimming around the coral reef in the coast of Australia (I think) and then he would then got paid for blogging the experience he spent at that coast. He would be paid for quite a large sum of money (I don’t remember how much). I could not agree more with the author, that guy must have the best job in this planet. It’s quite subjective however to determine and examine what is the best and worst job in the planet but I guess everyone would agree that the best job is job that offer excitement and less stress and of course come with a lot of money along the way.

Some might argue that being a doctor is the best job and it seem that every student dream of being a doctor. Think again. Yes, doctor can earn a lot of money but it came with a price. A lot of stress and not enough sleep. A doctor have to face with people every day and sometimes have to face with some of the deadliest disease in the planet such as AIDS, swine flu, SARS, bird flu and so on. To be a doctor you have to study at least 5 years and many things need to memorize with some of the words that I do not dare to say it because it so long. I would totally disagree that doctor is the best job in the world.

For me, the best job that I always wanted is to be a football pundit. You see, being a football pundit, you only have to talk about football before a game, watch the football game, analysis the game afterwards and then talk again week in week out. What a job that was. You just talk whatever necessary regarding the football issues and if you are wrong, the will always someone else going to correcting you. Look at Shelby Sigh. He talked nonsense and until now I don’t know why he is being called by Astro to be a football pundit but still he will always be there in the weekend. Unfortunately for me, to be a football pundit, one must have at least the experience of playing the top flight professional football and that is something I don’t have.

How about the worst job in the world? Let’s see. Well being a Prime Minister for this country can be categorized as the worst job. Yes, the salary is high but then every decision and plan you take will be criticize by your own people. It’s normal that the people from different party critic your decision but how about the people inside your own party judging your decision. It’s hard to please everyone but then it must one big hard headache. i would not dare take the job from Datuk Seri Najib. Like Uncle Ben from Spiderman said to Peter Parker, with great power come great responsibility.

Honestly, there is no clear cut between the best and worst job. It’s up to the individual to decide actually. Some job might be best for some but maybe the worst for some. As long as the person enjoy the job he had, then he surely will have no trouble. I come across a list of the best and worst job available here in Malaysia. Some of the post might be vacant in the future and for some dare to test their guts are encourage to apply for the post. The list however might need to be updated in the future as more research is needed. Hope you enjoy this one and give my some comment on the best and worst job for you.

The best and worst job in Malaysia

10 – MAWi

He ain’t that good in singing yet he got many fan and had won many awards with a very large sum of money. Even he use helicopter for his wedding. Who does not want to be like Mawi?. We can say he had become a millionaire.

9 – Rudy and JJ from

The two of them got separated last few months but I am sure the whole country know them. They are hilarious and always entertain listeners every morning. They work every morning and yes early in the morning but they finished at 10 am. They just talk, make joke to other people and play the hottest song. It can get any better right?

8 – Anand Krishnan, Maxis

Hotlink, the widest coverage and popular brand in Malaysia. As long as the people of Malaysia use handphone, he will be a billionaire.

7 – Tourist guide

You got to see new people every day and travel with them and show to them nature at its best. You work at your own time and at the world best places such as Pulau Sipadan or Mount Kinabalu.

6 - King and Queen of a state

Every month you get the allowance from the government.You can go wherever you want.You live in your own castle with many workers.You can ignore whatever happen outside as long as they pay you.What more you could ask for?

5 – AGP (The Head of police in Malaysia)

A lot of stress and a lot of people need to be answered to. If you do this, you get scold by people. If you don’t do this you will also get scold by people. Always have to maintain the good rapport from the people and always have to make the smartest, brightest decision. The people always monitoring.

4 – Teacher

If we don’t teach properly, people said we are lazy.If we teach too properly people said we are being strict. If the students got good marks, people said it’s because of themselves.if they don’t people blame the teacher. When the student’s behave poorly, the school, public and parents blame teachers.What a dilemma.It’s called education where teacher are suppose to educate students not just teaching.

3 – TV1 ,TV3, Utusan Malaysia

When we publish not so true story, the public hate us and said we are being a dog. When we publish true story, the ‘untouchables’ people in the government would banned us.So what to do? Between the true meaning of media and survival.

2 – SPR (Suruhan Jaya Pilihan raya)

Ethics and survival.2 things whenever there was a poll.One party said this, one party said the other.Need to control both without hurting them.if the result of the voting is low, there was a ghost voter, if the result is not as predict, have to recount again and get some ‘help’ to make the result as predicted earlier.

1 – Prime Minister

Just look what Datuk Seri Mahathir,Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahamad Badwi and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had gone through. You all had read it.


  1. hahaha
    PM no 1 ek?

    worst job
    toilet roll?

  2. Setting yourself manageable job search targets on a daily or weekly basis, and even scoring yourself to make sure that you stay on track, helps to make you feel in control of an area of life which might otherwise begin to feel totally unmanageable.

  3. ray - kritikan..buat salah.tak buat salah.beli pun salah..tak beli pun salah.mmg malang laa.huhuh

    ninja - yup.need to setting up some achievable target so that life will be more manageable.


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