Thursday, May 14, 2009

Studying and Working?You can't get an omelette without breaking the will be somehting else.Figuratively

Finally the time has come. The ending is just another beginning of something new. The adventure just not ends yet, it just takes another turn. Something bigger and exciting is waiting out there somewhere. Listing is something I found very intriguing and some people may like it and for that I thank you. Now another list about UDM, I tried to make it very meaningful as I can. Presenting

The Cliché, quotes that describe adventure in UDM

Something out of nothing is better than nothing out of something.

Love is blind but still people choose to get blind.

Love is friendship but doesn’t friendship destroy love?

Money cannot buy everything but everything needs money

What hurt the most is something that most people hate the most

Love does not have boundaries but boundaries is needed in love

Nothing is perfect yet everyone wants perfection

Sometimes it is better to be silent yet silent sometimes is the worst

Hatred and anger are the things people dislike the most but they are the things people like to do the most

Time is something that may change people but people can’t change time

Keep your friends close, your enemy closer

Make new friends but keep the old ones

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Silence is gold but you will miss a golden opportunity by being silence

i am too lazy to write more about all those phrases but these phrases is something like a challenge for you all to think and please send me any feedback.i would be glad to hear from all of you

p/s..just got back from Lumut and KL.what a pleasant trip I had.Many friends and places tried with some good and not bad food going down the throat.hahah. If you ever went to KL, try go to PJ, there is a place where the menu is out of this country.Literally.i order nasi goring chicken chop and It wa marvelous or try Johnny’s. A restaurant with thai’s style food.

As I went to Lumut I came across UTP and all the old memories just rushing to mind and I was amazed by the development there .It’s nearly 3 years I left UTP and Ipoh and so much had changed since then.The new UTP have been improved so much. New look and so beautiful than ever before.The area near to it has also change a lot. More shops,more people and the landscape had been more beautiful.I left Ipoh with a sad feeling but now I went back with a pleasant and never been happier.

Went to KL for 2 days and my friends took me to Bukit Permai. From this hill we can see the Kuala Lumpur views and it was beautiful at night with all the lights In all Kuala Lumpur.Also went to Putrajaya and from my opinion, what a city. The road is confusing (maybe for the outside people).Anyway, one thing I didn’t miss every trip to KL is going to Burger King.hahhaa.If you all ever went to Midvalley and plan to watch the cinema, please and please try Carl’s Junior situated just near the GSC ticket booth.

Now at home I’ve been thinking to do some job hunting. Got to find some money and some new experience.Still in dilemma whether to further study or start working. It’s a difficult decision to make but time will decide it then I supposed. In the mean time just enjoying this holiday even for a short period would like to take this chance to congratulate to my friends who got the interview regarding their IPTA applications.

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