Thursday, May 28, 2009

Those 3 words.Barcelona, the winner.

Finally.The game that everyone had been waiting arrived last night.Yes,the final of champions league.Barcelona and Manchester United.What a pleasant view and experience last night to watch both team played in Rome.With all the hype before the game, Pep vs Ferguson, Messi vs Ronaldo, Xavi vs Carrick, it was clear last night who had the last laugh eventually.Barcelona is now the best team in Europe and i can say that in the world.

Let me summarize a little bit about last night game.The game started brilliantly for both team especially for Manchester United.Ferguson put out a strong and attacking line up with Ferdinand and Vidic guard in the back.While Barca, who had to cope with Alves and Abidal absence had to put much lesser than usual line up with Sylvinho and Toure up in the defence.Henry and Iniesta who put behind their pain and injury start for the team.

In the first 10 minutes, Man Utd had the best ball and they attack swiftly and confindently .Ronaldo got a free kick and his ball was only got save by Valdes.But then, in a counter atttack led by Iniesta, Barca got a goal from Samuel Eto.He cut into the Man Utd defence and luckily his ball got past Van Der Sar.After that, it seem Barca had gained more control of the game with they played their usual style of attacking football,passing and possesion football. Barca midfield with Xavi and Iniesta backup with Busquets control the tempo of the game and Man Utd midfield never recovered then.Time and time again Henry, Messi and Eto attack the Red Devils defence.

After half time, Tevez was introduced into the game in purpose to help Rooney and Ronaldo out front but then with him the Red Devils midfield become weaker.Barca continued to play their style and got reward in the 70 minutes from the man that had been said the best player in the world, Messi.Xavi, who had been the creative force for Barca played a beautiful cross to Messi who was unmarked,unchallenged and he put a classic header past Van Der Sar for the second goal.Messi have prove he can play a role in the major game and undoubtly, he had won the battle between who is the best with Ronaldo.After that goal, except for one occassions, Man Utd never got hold the game back.Messi time and time again dribbling and passing the ball like playing PS2 or PS3.

Finally, Barca put their name of the famous trophy for the third time and Pep Guardiola prove that he can become a great manager after winning the treble for the Spanish giant in his very first year.

Congratulation to Barca.
3 words to sum up the game.'Better team won'.just like Ferguson said after the match ended.

3 words to say it all.'The tactics wrong'.Ronaldo said.and he further added fuel about move to Real Madrid.'i don't know'.

3 words for describe Messi.'The Best player'.

3 words to sum Barca success in Champion League.'Messi,Xavi,Iniesta'.3 players that played a major role last night.

3 things make Man Utd lost last night.'Midfield,Position,Possession'

3 trophy that Barca won to make them on top of the world right now.Champion League,Kings Cup and Spanish League title.

One things, two say, three words , for you, IT WAS SATISFIED.

p/s- there you have it, the Champions League Final.Now, i felt like sweating every second.The world had gone hot and hotter each day.I think i need to bath a lot to cool down.

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