Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tonight will be great.

Yes.You all heard already.Tonight, early morning of tomorrow, the dream final will finally come.Barcelona vs Manchester United.The final showdown of this season Champion League.The battle of winning the most famous and sought after trophy in Europe between the champion of England (Manchester United) and the champion of Spain.

For both fan, the excitement had never been higher.Both team seeking a place in history.Man Utd want to win the back to back trophy after winning it last year and Barcelona want to be the first Spanish team to win a treble after had won the league title and the King's Cup.Without a doubt, both team had played tremendous set of attacking style over the course of this season both in the league and in the champion League.

Man Utd - Strong in attack and defence.Ronaldo and Rooney is very good in attack at the front.Although this year they did not score a lot of goals compared to last year but still they strike fear to the defense.Ferdinand and Vidic had already showed the world their stubborness,reliabilty and hardworking at the back of Man Utd team defending the goal.However, the important characters in tonight game would be the rotation player like Park Jii Sung, Oshea and Carrick.These player if given ample space can be very decisive.

Barcelona - Creative midfield and Goal -Machine attack. The statistic had proved that the trio of attackers of this team scored a lot of goals and can't be beaten by anyone in Europe this season.Messi,henry and Eto'o had been terrorize the defender in Spain and Europe again and again with slick passes,cool placing shot and out of this world lob goals.Thier midfield mastered by Xavi and Iniesta had supply the attack with through balls and top class passing that makes the opponents lose their nerve and sometimes their football manner (Chelsea defenders of course).

All the hype of this final had been talking for weeks and both team had met their pre season expectations and whoever win tonight,that team must be worth of the victory.Personally, i would like to see Barcelona win this trophy after a great season they had.However, we can't simply ignored the Red Devil strengths.Tonight will be one of a kind final.Tonight the hell even froze for a moment.

Top 10 best moments from Barcelona and Man Utd in these season

10 - Man Utd vs Liverpool. Man Utd Lost 1-4.Vidic got red card.

9 - Barcelona vs Bayern Munich. They destroy Bayern with 4 goals in just half time.The Champion of germany seem like a child.

8 - Man Utd vs Celtics. Man Utd won by 3 goals.Rooney scored wonderful goals.A screamer.

7 - Sporting Lisbon vs Barcelona.Barca won by 5 goals.this match sealed the qualification for the second round of the tournament

6 - Man Utd vs Inter Milan.Man Utd won by 2 goals.Inter led by Mourinho had been shown the exit door by a header from vidic and Ronaldo.(Damn..)

5 - Arsenal vs Man Utd. Ronaldo scored from a long distance free kick and seal the fate of Arsene Wenger team.

4 - Chelsea vs Barcelona.The precious away goal from Iniesta late at the game made Chelsea a sore loser.Chelsea got into more trouble after several player shown dirty behaviour toward the referee.

3 - Man Utd vs Arsenal..The Match ended with draw but it was enough already to make Man Utd the Champion of England for third in a row.Players celebrate wildly after the game.

2 - Real Madrid vs Barcelona. This match will be remembered for years to come.Hell no.Even for century.The day that Barcelona slaughtered Real Madrid,their arch rivals in their own stadium.Barca won by 6 goals.Henry had 3 chances in that game and scored 2 goals with a beautiful placed shots past casillas.

1 Barcelona vs Man Utd.Yes, tonight match will be remembered for the fans as the dreams Final.So many comparisons been made by the media building for tonight's game and the result will be seen on the field.

p/s..going to sleep very late tonight.And it would be more fun if can watch the game with friends.Really wish Inter would be the one that played in this final but then can only hope for the future.Yes.Inter will come back strong next season.Remember, tonight at 2.30 am on Astro ESPN, Barcelona vs Manchester United in Rome.

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